Baselworld 2010: The Time Is Now!

Basel World 2010

If you have visited this site even just once over the last couple of months you would probably have a fair idea that Basel World 2010 is about to get underway. Heck, we’ve even got a special category dedicated to it! However, chances are if you’re new to the world of luxury watches or you’re just a curious visitor you probably don’t really know what all the fuss is about.

As the name suggests, Baselworld is the annual World Watch and Jewellery Show which runs from the 18th to the 25th of March. It is based in picturesque Basel, Switzerland, and attracts some 2,000 of the most well known companies from the watch, jewellery and precious-stone industries as well as other related sectors.

Unlike Salon International Haute Horologerie (SIHH) which is an industry only event, Baselworld is open to the public. As a result about 100,000 visitors descend on the Fair every year to discover the new trends and view the latest creations from the watch and jewellery sectors.

And they are not disappointed!

Basel World 2010
The “New Spiral” from DUBEY & SCHALDENBRAND is just one of the pieces that will make its debut this year.

The world’s most renowned brands, such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Breguet, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Hublot just to name a few, all come together to display their products exclusively at Baselworld. In fact, chances are if you think of any luxury watch brand you’ve heard of before, even just in passing, they will be there exhibiting their latest designs and innovations.

Just as exciting though is the opportunity to discover breathtaking, new pieces from the thriving independent industry. Highly innovative and exciting watch makers such as Christope Claret, Thomas Prescher, Peter Speake-Marin and Maximilian B├╝sser as well as many more you’ve probably never heard of will also be there to blow your mind with their awe-inspiring works of arts.

As you can see this highly regarded annual show really does bring together the best of the best in the luxury watch industry and this year will be no exception. Undoubtedly there will be a myriad of alluring surprises unveiled, a selection of which we will feature right here on The Watch Lounge.

Basel World 2010
As is the Instrumento Grande Chrono from DeGrisogno

So stay tuned as all the excitement unfolds this week, we guarantee it will be well worth your while!

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