Baselworld 2013: Speake-Marin Triad – The Power Of Three

Speake-Marin Triad

Gentleman, hold on to your hats. Speake-Marin have just unveiled the first piece in their new Mechanical Art Collection and boy is she a looker. Steeped in symbolism – as Speake-Marin pieces invariably are – this stunning creation celebrates the significance of the number three.

Good Things Come In Threes
Without a doubt the most striking feature of the new Triad timepiece is the face. Three individual hour and minute indicators, each with gorgeous heat-blued Foundation-style hands, preside over an open-worked dial, revealing the mesmerizing mechanics beneath. As time passes all three minute indicators tick in unison, a sight to behold I am sure.

In the next layer down we find two sets of three contrasting gilded topping-tool-shaped wheels that have been carefully arranged to form the points of two over-lapping equilateral triangles around a smaller central topping-tool-shaped seconds wheel. The small seconds completes one full rotation every 60 seconds, providing a constant point of visual stimulation on the dial.

Speake-Marin Triad

The next and final layer of the three-dimensional construction is a hand-finished, rhodium plated German silver movement plate, providing the perfect backdrop for this contrasting theatrical performance to take place. Gold text frames the perimeter of the dial, with distinctive three-dimensional applied numerals in white marking the hours at 3, 6, 9 and 12. Holding everything in place is an eye catching 18k gold bezel, the final pieces that ties it all together beautifully.

As is customary with Speake-Marin timepieces additional text has been included to reinforce the underlying meaning of the piece. In this case ‘3 NOTES 1 MEANING’ has been written around the bottom right of the dial ring, a direct reference to the meaning of a Triad in music (three notes played simultaneously to form one chord.)

Presented in a 42mm stainless steel Piccadilly case the inverse side of the piece is almost the complete opposite. A study in simplicity, the focal point here is the trademark Speake-Marin topping-tool mystery rotor finished in a striking bright blue. It stands out beautifully against the relatively subdued grey tones of the Eros 2 automatic movement and provides just enough color to make the caseback interesting to look at without drawing too much attention from the focal point, which is of course the dial.

Speake-Marin Triad

The Triad will be produced in a limited run of just 88 pieces (although arguably 66 or 99 would be more fitting but nevertheless) and will be officially unveiled at Baselworld later this month.

The Final Word
It’s all about harmony here and to be honest I almost find the level of symmetry on the dial overpowering. It’s not that it’s an overly complicated piece but the message of equality it conveys is so strong that I find myself wanting to look at everything at the same time, without being able to focus on any one single detail. That’s not a complaint mind you, rather it’s a testament to Speake-Marin’s ability to create truly distinctive timepieces.

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