Behold: The Phoenix 10.1, By A. Favre & fils

Phoenix 10.1

When you represent 10 generations of watchmakers it is more than understandable that you may feel a little pressure. However, if he does, Laurent Favre does not show it. Instead, he gives us a timepiece of exceptional quality and refinement; the utterly unique Phoenix 10.1.

Representing the culmination of nearly three centuries of watch-making know how, the Phoenix will both deceive you with its simplistic design and at the same time delight you with its hidden complexities.

Keeping It In The Family
Laurent can trace his watch-making heritage all the way back to 1718 thanks to an official document saved in the Neuchâtel State Archives. This document is in fact a contract between Abraham Favre and the master watchmaker Daniel Gagnebin, in which Gagnebin committed to teach Favre the profession of watch-making to the extent of his knowledge for a period of three years, thus marking the beginning of the Favre watch-making history.

Over the ensuing centuries the Favre name has continued remained involved in watch-making in one capacity or another. Now, after a lifetime of grooming Laurent has become the 10th generation of Favre’s to heed the watch-making call. Although centuries of knowledge flow through his veins, Laurent wisely chose to spend the first years of his career learning the industry, working as the Head of Communication and later on as the Head of Product Development for a well-known Swiss brand.

Once he felt he had learnt all that he needed to, he was ready to step out and design his first piece under the A. Favre & fils’ name.

The result?

Phoenix 10.1

The Phoenix 10.1. A gorgeous timepiece that showcases Favre’s remarkable abilities both as a watch-maker and a product designer.

The Phoenix 10.1
Quite obviously the first thing you notice when you look at the Phoenix is that one quarter of the dial is dedicated to the date display. Called the Quantième à Grand Affichage Rotatif, this big date display is an original and patented development designed in-house by Favre. The purpose of this unique system is to optimize the number of components, therefore increasing reliability, by reducing the number of moving parts to the minimum: in this case, just two.

Not only is it supremely easy to read, it is also completely unlike anything you will find on another timepiece, ensuring that your watch stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

However, whilst the large date display may be the most obvious example of what makes this piece special, it is by no means the only one. To illustrate, the seemingly simplistic 41mm case is actually quite a complex assembly designed based on the principles of the Golden Ratio (φ) and the Golden Number (7) from the Pythagorean School. Unfortunately it is too difficult to explain these concepts in detail, however, the brand’s website contains an excellent series of diagrams which will walk you through the process.

Phoenix 10.1

Housed within the 18k white gold or Palladium 150 case and visible through the sapphire case back is a superb, manual-wind in-house calibre DB 1334/1 HENRY (a tribute to Henry A. Favre, 8th generation of the Favre watchmakers) beating at 28,000 variations per hour. A combination of modern technology and centuries of watch-making history, the exceptionally well-made movement is treated to a number of traditional finishing techniques including; chamfering, drawing, circular graining, sinks entirely done by hand, and a “Rayons de la Gloire” (Rays of Glory) machine finish on the bridges.

Parallel twin barrels with direct depth offer up to 84 hours of power reserve when fully wound, with a power reserve indicator visible through the sapphire case-back.

The Final Word
Although the Phoenix 10.1 is an exceptional timepiece, what truly makes it attractive is its relative anonymity. So far the piece has received limited coverage in watch media, although everything that has been written is, not surprisingly, very positive. As such, this represents a unique opportunity for you to acquire a piece that will not only be the envy of your peers but also truly showcase your credentials as a fine timepiece connoisseur.

Be warned though, it won’t take long before this piece becomes a big hit.

To find out more visit the brand’s official website at:

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    Nice watch however Its unlike old brand like vacheron constantin and not as best as patek but this new brand make masterpieces that simple ,elegant,and also innovative

    What a great watch company .

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