Montblanc Figurando Creation Privé

The Pen Zone: Montblanc Figurado Creation Privée

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Imagine if you will for a moment a Rolex with a case made from real tobacco leaves. Seems crazy, right? And yet this is exactly what Montblanc – often referred to as Rolex’s alter ego in the pen world – has done. Called the Figurado Creation Privée, this new pen takes the concept of customisation to a whole new level.

Patek Philippe 5016A Only Watch 2015

Record-Setting Results At Only Watch 2015

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Only Watch 2015, the 6th edition of the famed charity watch auction, took place this past weekend with astonishing results. Held in Geneva for the first time, the auction realized $11,268,000 in total – the highest ever in its history – from the sale of 44 unique watches.

Chronos Disc

Want To Make Any Watch A Smart Watch? Chronos Can Help

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Ever since the launch of the Apple Watch speculation that the smart watch will eventually displace mechanical watches has ramped right up. At this stage it seems unlikely but nevertheless major brands like Tag Heuer and Breitling are taking the threat seriously enough that they have invested in the development of their own smart watches. But what if you don’t need to replace your mechanical watch (or any watch for that matter) in order to enjoy the benefits of a smart watch?

Dilusso Luxury Surprise Box

Luxury Surprise Boxes Are A Thing Now Thanks To DILUSSO And You Might Just Want One (Or Two)

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Today, Beverly Hills based start-up DILUSSO officially launched its new luxury surprise box concept. That’s right, luxury surprise box. Don’t get too hung up on the name though because it’s not about the box – although I am told it is quite luxurious in its own right – but rather its contents; specifically, a hand-picked selection of luxury products and experiences, complete with your very own high-end Swiss timepiece.