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Want To Make Any Watch A Smart Watch? Chronos Can Help

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Ever since the launch of the Apple Watch speculation that the smart watch will eventually displace mechanical watches has ramped right up. At this stage it seems unlikely but nevertheless major brands like Tag Heuer and Breitling are taking the threat seriously enough that they have invested in the development of their own smart watches. But what if you don’t need to replace your mechanical watch (or any watch for that matter) in order to enjoy the benefits of a smart watch?

Harry Winston Opus 14

Welcome To SalonQP 2015!

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It’s November in London, which means grey skies, misty fog and of course international luxury watch event SalonQP. Kicking off with a VIP cocktail party on the evening of the 12th of November, SalonQP will run from the 12th – 14th of November, with the exhibition open to all and sundry (assuming you have your ticket of course) on the Friday and Saturday.