Watch Winder Review: Underwood (London) – Rotobox

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This is a slightly unusual review in that it’s for a variety of winders rather than a single piece. That’s because the Rotobox from “Underwood (London)” is a cross between an expandable winder and the more traditional ‘jewelry box’ style winder. The unit itself is completely removable and can be placed into a wide variety of cases from single framed leather boxes to large wooden units housing twenty or more modules.

Masahiro Kikuno Tourbillon (Piece Unique)

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There are several phrases in the world of high-end independent watch-making that really get my pulse running; ‘triple-axis tourbillon’ is one, ‘satellite time-display’ is another. However the one that really captures my attention is ‘AHCI Candidate.’

Harry Winston Opus 12 (VIDEO)

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Last week Claret took our breath away with the X-TREM-1, the week before HYT baffled us with the H1 and now Harry Winston seems set to do both with the mesmerizing new Opus 12. Officially unveiled last week at Baselworld, this latest offering from the Opus collection is the celebration of yet another successful partnership with one of the watch industry’s quiet achievers; Emmanuel Bouchet.