Horologically speaking, it’s all very Pinteresting


Pinterest. It’s the hottest thing on the net since Facebook. It is the fastest growing website from 0 to 10 million users thus far and its main selling point is the user interface, which is simplicity itself, as it allows users to ‘pin’ images and video from anywhere on the web, as well as upload their own, onto self-curated and customizable ‘boards’. Images can be ‘repinned’ with the same ease as sharing a post on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter.

Reaping The Benefits
For companies, the user experience is nothing short of brilliant, as it allows the pinned items to prominently stand out, while the interface fades away into the background, as the user stares into the large, crisp image with wonderment. Such awe on the Internet is something that is not usually achieved, even with the proliferation of high-quality images and interactive web designs.

Having products brightly project is especially good for luxury watch brands that always want their polished-to-perfection goods to be front and center. Especially promising are the demographics for Pinterest, which are skewed towards a more seasoned crowd, who tend to have more discretionary income: a recent survey by PriceGrabber of 4,851 online consumers in the USA stated that over 20% of Pinterest users with accounts purchased items after viewing them wholly on Pinterest.


Pinterest has in the past few months firmly placed itself into the firmament as one of the blazing stars of the Internet. The combination of its visual aspects combined with the actual process of pining and repining, which has been described as ‘addicting’, lends itself to the same fluid discovery that has always been part of learning about luxury watches that we have all experienced. Sites like Pinterest are great because it’s the very randomness of discovery that levels the playing field for every company, from the largest multibillion-dollar conglomerate to the local start-up.

The Final Word
Does Pinterest have Facebook’s staying power or will it to go the way of MySpace? Seeing that there are now over a dozen copycats that have sprung up in the past few months, www.thefancy.com being a great example, proves that Pinterest does indeed have long-term staying power and can be a driving force in a company’s short and long-term social media strategy. It will be interesting to see how the site commercializes on its success in the coming months.

Jon Hochman
Jon is TWL's resident social media expert, sharing his thoughts on how this thriving new platform of communication impacts on the luxury watch industry.

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