Marc Jenni Deconstructs The Case Of The Incredible Prologue (Video)

Marc Jenni Prologue

Loyal readers may recall that a few months ago we introduced you to the amazing watch-making talents of up-and-coming independent watch-maker and AHCI candidate, Marc Jenni (click here to read that article). His debut piece, the Prologue, garnered a great deal of attention worldwide thanks to its successful integration of the world’s first lateral winding mechanism. Whilst appearing deceptively simple on the surface, achieving this feat of mechanical ingenuity was no small feat.

Now Marc has released an excellent video showing the step-by-step dismantling of a Prologue case that illustrates the number of parts involved in this rather unique construction. If you haven’t seen it already we really recommend you check it out below, as it is very cool!

Unveiling the Prologue’s watch case construction from Marc Jenni on Vimeo.

The Final Word
Marc Jenni has already demonstrated exceptional skills and expertise that belie his young age and it will be truly a pleasure to observe the results of the development of his craft as he continues to grow in knowledge, experience and confidence. For now though we are more than satisfied to just sit and appreciate the pure ingenuity that characterizes the Prologue.

If you’d like to see more and perhaps even order your own Prologue check our Marc’s official website:

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