Meet Laetitia Pino – Girard-Perregaux’s Puzzle Master!

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This is Laetitia Pino, Girard-Perregaux’s puzzle master. Now quite what you were expecting, is she?

Despite being centuries old the Swiss watchmaking industry is still surprisingly youthful, relatively speaking of course! Many of the brand’s rising stars are still yet to pass their 30th birthday, making for a vibrant environment rich with creativity and youthful exuberance.

In recognition of this Girard-Perregaux has launched an exciting new initiative, a print and online journal called the ‘New Face of Tradition’ aimed at the promotion and celebration of a new and exciting generation of watchmakers.

The New Face of Tradition is in fact made up of eight young Girard-Perregaux watchmakers carefully selected to usher Haute Horlogerie into the twenty-first century and beyond. Among them is Laetitia Pino, a self-confessed puzzle enthusiast who revels in putting complex things together. Listening to her talk about her first passion it’s not hard to see why she has become so talented at her second, watchmaking;

“I became fascinated with puzzles when I was very young. I would see images in books, magazines or in daily life, and in my mind, turn them into beautiful, complex puzzles. I soon discovered the whole process of fitting pieces together and giving life to an alternate world brought me inexplicable peace of mind.

This “puzzle” factor is what inspired me to go into watchmaking; I love fitting the different parts together to create a beautiful timepiece.”

Laetitia Pino
© Girard-Perregaux 2012

Along with Laetitia there are seven other fascinating young watchmakers to discover, each of which I found personally quite interesting and entertaining. With the exception of some of the more notable independent watchmakers it is not often to that you get to see the faces and hear the stories of the people behind these delightful creations, and I feel that this new concept really introduces that human element so often lacking in this, at times, clinical industry.

Echoing these sentiments is Michele Sofisti, the CEO of Sowind Group (Girard-Perregaux and JeanRichard) and one of the main driving forces behind this new initiative.

“Too often brands hide their talented watchmakers behind the curtains of their manufactures. We are proud of the young artists we share our passion for watchmaking with and are excited to show to the world who they are.The New Face of Tradition seeks to break away from the current image many people have of the craft. It is not an antique (and certainly not a dead) art; it is young, revitalized and constantly evolving, much like the people behind it”.

To read all about it for yourself please visit the official website:

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