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Bell & Ross

My name is Vincent and I live in a quiet New York suburb just 30 minutes from New York City’s busiest areas. I have been a watch fanatic most of my life sporting a Mickey Mouse Timex from the age of five, before I could even tell the time!

I have gone through my different phases of watch “tastes”, ranging from my gadgety digital watch phase Casio phone dialer to my hip phase of Swatch and Fossil. However, it wasn’t until I worked with a watch-smith for some time during my high school years that my love for mechanical watches really bloomed!

I am now a law enforcement helicopter pilot and like most pilots, we just love watches! I have to say my all time favorites are my trusty Breitling B-2 and my Bell and Ross 03-88 Aviation Type.

I also wear a Hamilton Aviator and in the last 2 years came to fall in love with the LUM TEC line of watches. I currently own a B-1, a Lumzilla, and a revisit to quartz analog with the M15.


In all I own about 15 watches that I rotate through with mood and mission for the day. As a helicopter pilot reliability is essential and a reliable wristwatch is standard equipment as part of my flight gear.

Being so close to NYC allows me to window shop all the latest high end models that maybe one day I will make a reality on my own wrist.

One day.

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