New Bremont MBII – Launching In November 2009 (Literally)

Bremont MBII

In July of this year the UK’s aviation inspired Bremont Watch Company announced a rather unique and exciting partnership with Martin-Baker.

For those of you who don’t know, Martin Baker is the inventor of the ejection seat and supplier to over 80% of the Western worlds’ air forces. The partnership was quite fitting given Bremont’s aviation heritage and the end result, the Martin Baker I, did not fail to meet expectations. However, there was a catch, to get your hands on one you had to have ejected using an MB ejection seat. Enter the Bremont MB II.

Birth Of A Legend
The original idea behind the partnership was to combine Martin-Bakers’ knowledge of testing, materials and design with Bremont’s superb watchmaking skills. Essentially brother’s Nick and Giles English wanted to challenge conventional mechanical watch design by creating a piece that could withstand the pressures of a “life and death situation” in the truest sense of the phrase.

And when you consider the benchmark with which Bremont has measured the reliability and long-term integrity of the MB series you begin to understand just how exceptional these watches really are. Martin-Baker have never had an ejector seat fail in an emergency situation and this is a reputation Bremont is keen to match.

To really put their abilities to the test Bremont took full advantage of Martin-Baker’s rather unique testing facilities. As long-term reliability is key one of the rigorous processes the watch was put through was spending 4 hours on a vibration machine which simulated the passage of 30 years of aircraft life.

After all, an ejector seat may remain unused for decades but as soon as that ‘bail out’ sign starts flashing you best believe that you want it to work! The same goes for your watch, so rest assured that it will, no matter what amount of pressure your under.

Floating In Time
The complete movement and mechanism of the watch has been designed to float in a controlled manner within the Trip-Tick® case. This is achieved by enclosing the movement in an inner case that is connected to the outer case solely by a flexible ring.

Therefore, if the watch receives any form of shock the unique design allows the inner case/movement to float and absorb much of the shock energy. In addition the movement uses the finest shock absorbing systems on the regulating organs and a special Bremont shock-absorbing rotor.

The Bremont MBII
The second edition of the watch, Bremont MBII, will be available for sale in November but – as with all Bremont timepieces – the annual production will be very limited. As a unique and differentiating feature, the central element in the new case will be made of aluminum and is available in 3 different colors: green, orange and anthracite.

Bremont MBII

Fortunately you won’t have to eject at extreme altitude to get your hands on one though. If you’re quick you can pre-order one on-line now from Jura Watches in the U.K. for delivery in November.

The Final Word
Building on their success with the MBI Bremont are tantalizingly close to releasing a variant that can be worn by the common man. Subtle yet stylish design combined with mechanical ingenuity and all-round bragging rights make this one very attractive piece. As importantly these pieces are well priced and offer a guarantee of quality other brands can only dream of.

Once this new piece is released don’t expect it to last too long in the shops before it is sold out. If you want one my advice is to act fast!

Tom Mulraney
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  1. taylor883

    I love this watch with the checker-plate feature and the superb shockproof movement. The Watch has a very iconic look certainly in keeping with those who regularly get shot by Martin & Baker equipment from high speed jets. This watch would probably sell well within the Russian Air forces. A great watch. Hope they bring one to Oz.

  2. Ian Hutchinson

    My MB II arrives tomorrow, managed to pick up a mint pre owned one in Anthracite, I have many watches but I am really looking forward to this one !

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