On The Wrist Review: De Bethune DB28 Skybridge

De Bethune DB 28 Skybridge
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Earlier this week we got up close and personal with De Bethune’s flagship model for 2013, the gorgeous DB16 Tourbillon Regulator. Today we get hands on with the brand’s other star attraction (sorry, I couldn’t resist) for the year, the DB28 Skybridge.

A Bridge Across The Night Sky
The Skybridge has been designated as De Bethune’s aesthetic showpiece for the year and does not feature any major complications as such, other than a rather abstract moon-phase indicator at six o’clock. It more than makes up for its lack of metaphorical ‘brains’ however with stunning good looks, although I’d hardly say the in-house DB2105 movement constructed of 236 parts complete with twin barrels and a six-day power reserve makes it a simpleton.

The most striking feature obviously is the beautifully blued and polished titanium dial, complete with little silver titanium balls that serve as floating hour markers. Running through the middle is a raised conical structure (a sky bridge perhaps?) that really adds a sense of depth, although the full impact is not really apparent in the photos. At the end of this unusual design element is the aforementioned moon-phase indicator, which is essentially a small floating orb.

De Bethune DB 28 Skybridge
© 2013 Adam Priscak for WatchAnish and TWL

What really sets the dial off however is the smattering of diamonds that adorn it, mimicking the stars in the night sky. I believe customized dials are available on request if you want a specific constellation for example, however expect that this will take a bit longer and obviously cost more. A minute track runs around the outside of the dial, serving both a practical purpose as well as offering an added level of contrast that seems to further highlight the rich blue of the dial.

At 43mm all told the polished titanium case with 45mm bezel is no shrinking violet and does wear a little large on the wrist. Thanks to De Bethune’s trademark skeletonized floating lugs however and the placement of the crown at 12 o’clock it’s quite comfortable to wear and attracts more than its fair share of attention – which is exactly the point.

De Bethune DB 28 Skybridge
© 2013 Adam Priscak for WatchAnish and TWL

Flip the Skybridge over and you will discover the beautifully and distinctively finished DB2105 movement on show for your viewing pleasure through the sapphire exhibition case back. Of course if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a hard time tearing your eyes away from the dial and so it make take you a while to discover there’s something more than worth looking at on the back too.

Pricing is a very reasonable 98,000CHF and represents great value for those looking for something a little different that won’t have fallen out of style by next year.

The Final Word
What more needs be said? De Bethune makes highly desirable, highly attractive timepieces and quite simply put, I want one. Or three, or…you get the idea.


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