Pre-Basel World 2011: Marc Jenni JJJ

Marc Jenni JJJ

We first came across the up-and-coming, young watch-maker Marc Jenni last year when he presented his remarkable new timepiece, the Prologue, at Basel World 2010. An ACHI Candidate, the Prologue was Jenni’s inaugural timepiece under his own name as an independent watch-maker and featured the world’s first lateral winding mechanism. A hit with enthusiasts the world over, Jenni is be back again this year to unveil his latest creation at Basel World; the aptly named “JJJ”.

All In The Family
One of the first questions you’re probably asking yourself is why the unusual name? Well, according to Jenni the inspiration for his new timepiece comes from the watches of a Mr. Johann Jakob Jenny, the oldest known ancestor of the family who practiced the profession of watch-making, hence the name “JJJ”.

Now that we have cleared that up, the next logical question is what is that strange symbol on the dial just below 12 o’clock?

We’re glad you asked. It is in fact the ancient planetary symbol for Saturday (derived from the planet Saturn). Going back several centuries the languages of Western Europe all (except Portuguese) reflect names for the days of the week based on the names of the naked eye planets, which included the Sun and the Moon, either in a Latin version or a corresponding Germanic version, complete with corresponding symbols. (For those interested to learn more you can find a very in-depth article here.) It was these same symbols that Jenni discovered in one of the pocket watches crafted by his ancestor, JJJ, centuries earlier.

Inspired by this discovery, Jenni decided to put his own mark on this ancient family tradition and create a timepiece that will remind, and perhaps even educate, the wearer about the planets associated with the days of the week (and indeed the origins of their very names.)

Marc Jenni JJJ

Talk About A Conversation Starter!
This unique indication has been incorporated into the original Prologue movement without adding any height and provides an original and aesthetically pleasing day-date display unlike anything we have seen before. If you’re lucky enough to be wearing one of these pieces expect to be complimented and then questioned fiercely by strangers captivated with its striking design and puzzled by its strange symbols.

Presented in a brushed white gold case with polished sides, the highly attractive dial is made completely of sapphire and really elevates the piece to the next level. All other specifications, both for the movement and the case itself, remain unchanged from the original Prologue.

The Final Word
We love Jenni’s ability to combine traditionally significant aspects of watch-making and indeed human history, with cutting edge technology and forward thinking. In the “JJJ” he has created a timepiece that subtlety reminds us of our roots whilst at the same time drawing us very much into the 21st century with his technically brilliant lateral winding mechanism.

If you’re going to be visiting Basel World this year we encourage you to make sure you put some time aside to go see Marc at the ACHI stand and take a closer look at the new “JJJ” as well as the original pocket-watch that inspired it.

And for more information please visit the official website

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