Prometheus Ocean Diver Automatic Now Available – Don’t Miss Out!

Prometheus Ocean Diver Automatic

It’s not often you see someone convert their hobby into a commercial reality and with good reason. It’s not easy! When it does happen, however, the result can sometimes be something truly special, as is the case with the new Ocean Diver from the Prometheus Watch Company. This small Portuguese boutique manufacturer was only established in 2008 but thanks to their unswerving commitment to quality and their willingness to listen to feedback their latest offering is already a hit with enthusiasts the world over.

Realizing A Dream
What makes the Ocean Diver even more special is that it has been designed by watch enthusiasts for watch enthusiasts. The original concept was born from a competition run on the Watchuseek Watch forums and it was from these same forums that Prometheus received the valuable feedback on the design and functionality of the prototypes that helped shape the final product.

Don’t think for one minute it was a smooth ride though because the reality is it was anything but.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…
The final result you see here now is the combination of hard work, persistence and the willingness of Prometheus to go to back to the drawing board. You see, the first version of the Ocean Diver, whilst of a reasonable quality, was simply not up to the high standards the company had set for itself. The only solution therefore was to effectively go back to the beginning and start again. New contractors, new suppliers, new everything!

Prometheus Ocean Diver Automatic

It certainly can’t have been easy but by all accounts it seems like it was the right thing to do. The new Ocean Diver is already a hit with enthusiasts and it’s not surprise really. The evolution of this watch has been much like that of a t-shirt on Threadless, the website where users vote on their favorite designs and only the winning designs are actually made into t-shirts. The result is that the t-shirts always sell out, as the company is only producing a product that their customers actually want.

Without wanting to jump the gun I would suggest that with a limited production of only 500 units, it is highly likely that the Ocean Diver Automatic will also sell out.

And why shouldn’t it? This is really a top quality timepiece. The design is very retro and in part takes its inspiration from brands such as Jaeger Le-Coultre, IWC and Longines who used super compressor cases back in the 1960’s for their dive watches. The design cues are really quite obvious, the internal rotating bezel, large numbered dial, and even the case itself all look like they were designed in decades past. At the same time though, this watch creates and retains its own unique character which is incredibly important in today’s crowded market.

Designed for recreational divers and land dwellers alike, the Ocean Diver features a super compressor case and is water resistant to 300 meters, which is respectable for a dive watch of this caliber. At 42mm it is a touch on the small side for a diving watch in my opinion, but the clever design and clear dial mean that it is still very easy to read. On the right hand of the case you will notice two crowns, one for setting the time and date and the other for controlling the internal rotating bezel.

Prometheus Ocean Diver Automatic

Attention to detail in the design of this watch is evident from every angle, and so it should be! It was manufactured in the spiritual home of watch-making, the world famous Swiss Jura Mountains and is powered by a Swiss Made automatic ETA 2836 mechanical movement with a Day-Date complication.

Now, here is the real kicker. Not only is this watch exceptionally well designed and beautifully presented it is also only EUR339.00 or roughly a bit under US$500. Now do you see why I say all 500 pieces will sell out very shortly? Add to that a two year warranty and a lovely silicon strap and you have to ask yourself why are you still reading this article when you could be buying this watch?

The Final Word

The new Ocean Diver Automatic Day/Date is the perfect example of what a company can achieve when they make a commitment to and listen and actively respond to their customers. This really is an excellent quality timepiece for an unbelievably affordable price. What’s even more exciting is that there are at least two more models in the works, a GMT and a Chronograph version.

So why hesitate? Visit the Prometheus Watch Company now and secure your own little piece of the watch history.

Tom Mulraney
Tom is the founder and editor of The Watch Lounge. Together with his team he is dedicated to bringing you the best, original content you won't find anywhere else on the net.


  1. Author
    Tom Mulraney

    Thanks Forrest, unfortunately the photos don’t do this piece justice! We will be speaking with the Founder of Prometheus Watches in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for that!

  2. Chris Hart

    I’m the proud owner of Ocean Diver #73 and can personally attest to the quality of this piece and the above average customer service at Prometheus. Thanks for the great article. I really couldn’t agree more with you on what a great watch this is.

  3. Brian F Green

    Hi Tom, thanks for writing such an excellent and in depth review of the Ocean Diver. You’ve managed to capture the spirit and commitment of the Prometheus brand perfectly. I am the designer of the Ocean Diver (the name on the back if you will) and live in Charlotte, NC. I’d be happy to talk to you in more detail about the events that led up to this design, my influences, and how it evolved.

    It’s a testament to the new globally connected workforce in that I have worked closely with Carlos, the owner of Prometheus, for over two years now but I have never met him in person. Despite the distance and time difference we have managed to produce a magnificent line of watches (there are two more Ocean Diver models coming soon – GMT, and Chrono). Thanks again for such a nice post, it’s good to see the watch gathering momentum and being enjoyed. Cheers!

  4. Author
    Tom Mulraney

    Hi Brian, thank you for your wonderful comment! We will actually be publishing an interview with Carlos later this week, so make sure you keep your eyes out for that. We would love to get your thoughts and insights also and as such will be in contact soon!

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  6. Rick Rose

    Hi Tom! This is a great review of what appears to be an awesome dive watch! Not only do they keep its functionality simple with only two crowns, but it looks very elegant and easy to read. Thanks for including so many pictures up close from different angles. It makes me want to to out and find one.
    Great article.

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