UPDATED: Rafael Nadal’s $525,000 RM 027 Tourbillon Stolen?

RM 027 Tourbillon

UPDATE: We have just received an update from professional watch journalist Miguel Seabra who has confirmed that Nadal’s watch was stolen during the Masters 1000 Toronto event, that went from 9-15 August, and that the star athlete then played watch-less the following week at the Masters 1000 Cincinatti.

We are still waiting for confirmation though if the timepiece was recovered, or if in fact Nadal has received a replacement. Stay tuned.

Rumours have emerged that the highly complex Richard Mille 027 Tourbillon gifted to tennis superstar Rafael Nadal was stolen a few weeks ago at the Toronto Tournament. The timepiece (which we first wrote about here) gained worldwide fame when it was first announced that it would adorn Nadal’s wrist during every game of every tournament he played.

The $525,000 price tag didn’t hurt either.

However, it remains unclear as to whether the timepiece was actually stolen or if perhaps this is a PR stunt to renew interest in the product, as we have tracked down conflicting reports (and photos) that show Nadal wearing his favorite new timepiece at the US Open Nike Primetime Knockout Event as well as during training sessions ahead of the start of the US Open.

RM 027 Tourbillon
Picture via Nadal News

RM 027 Tourbillon
Picture via Nadal News

Alternatively, it is highly possible, as our favorite tennis journalist Miguel Seabra points out, that Richard Mille has simply given Nadal a replacement timepiece to fill the half a million dollar gap left on his wrist.

We should all be so lucky!

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear more news but so continues the interesting, and sometimes controversial, story of the Richard Mille 027 Toubillon.

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  5. JX

    In Toronto?, no way Rafa, you probably sold it in ebay:)

  6. J

    Wonder how much a pawn shop would give you for a hit $525k watch… $300?

  7. Carol Galiano

    How can anyone be so dumb as to steal that watch? Not like its high profile and unrecognisable or anything? Rafa should offer a “no questions asked” reward for the person who “finds” it and returns it to him.

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  9. Jim

    You could feed a lot of hungry kids with the price of that trinket.

  10. tada

    seems kinda hard to play with a watch when u’ve been playing without a watch for most of your life.

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  12. Brenda Lehman

    Today is the first I’ve heard about Rafa’s watch being stolen. Give him a break, people….yes the watch was obscenely expensive…..but he earned it. No doubt it was insured, but it’s still messed up that someone would steal it.

  13. jigga

    First the watch is not a wow, you probably won’t notice it on anyone wrist if you are walking down the street ( is not a gold diamond watch that sparkles and flashes) , he won’t sell it the one that stole it will probably wear it or sell it to a rich boy for 100k under the table or just put it in a box and wait until the heat is gone!

    I don’t know , wearing a half a million $ watch just provokes someone to come and chop your hand off lol!!

    He got a replacement on the next day ,or maybe he had 2 one for court playing ( that will eventually damage over time) and one for his nights out!

    Who gives a f anyway about Nadal watch , if he had so much money to get a new one the next day , why the hell he can’t build a medic center or anything that will help the 10 000 children dieing of hunger around the world…now think about that!!

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  15. ob kli

    To make a watch like that you don’t need more than 200 dollars, even if it cost 3000 to make a watch like that, to sell it for Half a Million is an insult to anyone’s intelligence. Only an idiot millionaire would pay for it, falling in the trap and marketing-ego-tickling of the maker.

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