Sarpaneva K0 Wuoksi – It’s All In The Eyes

Sarpaneva K0 Wuoksi

It’s a terrifying prospect really. Walking down the street you casually glance down at your wrist to check the time and are instantly entranced by the penetrating stare of a pair of dull, lifeless eyes looking right back at you. The world stands still, you want to look away but you simply can’t, you’ve been hypnotized by that alluring gaze. Suddenly a horn sounds and the trance is broken, you’re free! At least for now…

It may sound a little far-fetched but this is the world our crazy Finnish watchmaking friend – the one and only Stepan Sarpaneva – has envisioned for you. Don’t take our word for it though, just check out his latest creation, the limited edition Sarpaneva Korona K0 Wuoksi.

The K0 Wuoksi
The K0 Wuoksi is inspired by a Finnish legend of a village smith whose daughters were snatched down into the murky mansions of a lustful underwater creature Näkki – quite fitting really. The village smith went to extraordinary lengths to get his daughters back, eventually fashioning a machine that would track the phase of the moon and allow him to determine when the tide was the weakest. It’s a touching story and as a result the old Finnish word ‘Wuoksi’ has a double meaning, signifying either ‘high tide’ or ‘for the sake of something’, such as the smith, who dived into the depths for the sake of love.

Sarpaneva K0 Wuoksi

Based on the popular Korona K0 model (the original of which we first covered here), this special edition features a moon-phase complication instead of diver’s bezel. It also introduces a special skeleton dial and a revolving evening sky disc that reveals a peek of the iconic Sarpaneva moon face – hence that penetrating stare we were talking about earlier.

There are two variants to choose from; one with a stainless steel case, copper moon and DLC coated dials and the other with a DLC coated stainless steel case, oxydized silver moon and DLC coated dials. I’m quite partial to both, but the stare of copper moon definitely seems more intense to me. You can also choose to have an open case-back that reveals the inner workings of the modified Soprod caliber A10, complete with 22K Goldweight.

Sarpaneva K0 Wuoksi

And for those lucky enough to be attending, you can catch the world premiere of the K0 Wuoksi at SalonQP in November!

The Final Word
Each model is handcrafted at Sarpaneva’s workshop in Helsinki and so production is highly limited by necessity. Pricing is surprisingly reasonable for what you get and starts from around from 9,500 euros before tax (approx. US$12,400) for a closed case-back.

To get yours visit the official Sarpaneva website: and be sure to ‘like’ the Sarpaneva Facebook page too as Stepan is always posting entertaining photos and comments.

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