Schofield Watch Company Returns To SalonQP 2012

Schofield Watch Company
© Schofield Watch Company

If you’re thinking about launching a new luxury brand make sure you check out British watchmaker Schofield for some tips on how to do it big. The young upstart all but stole the show last year with the unveiling of their first ever timepieces at SalonQP, creating the type of buzz that many of the bigger brands would kill for.

One year on and with their full allocation of timepieces for 2012 already completely sold out, the brand will be back at SalonQP again this year and the question on everyone’s lips, understandably, is will they be bringing anything new with them?

The Signalman GMT PR
Many of you will no doubt already be familiar with the timepiece that created such a stir this time last year. Well, technically it was two timepieces; the Signalman GMT PR and the Signalman GMT DLC PR.

Schofield Watch Company
© Schofield Watch Company

Either way, you’d have had to be living under a rock for most of November and December 2011 to have not seen the huge amount of coverage these pieces received online, and with good reason! The combination of top quality craftsmanship and stylish design made both models instant hits with aficionados worldwide. It doesn’t hurt that the brand only produces limited quantities of each model each year either, making them rather highly sought after.

What I really like though is the fact that the brand hasn’t rested on its laurels in the wake of its success last year. Instead founder, watch designer Giles Ellis, has been busy collaborating with other cool British brands to create a bevy of accessories for his exclusive clientele, ranging from watchstraps to cigar cases. Although all are different in their way, each shares two common traits, an incredible attention to detail and an unrelenting focus on quality.

Schofield Watch Company
© Schofield Watch Company

As I alluded to earlier the entire allocations of GMT PR’s and GMT DLC PR’s have been completely sold out for 2012, however the brand is now taking orders for both models for 2013. All that’s needed to secure yours is a £500 deposit.

The Final Word
It’s for the above reasons and many more that myself and many others are so excited about seeing the brand again at this year’s SalonQP. Even if they don’t release any new models, which is highly likely given the small size of the brand and the comparatively large price of creating a new timepiece, you just know they are going to have plenty of cool things on their stand to make the visit more than worthwhile.

If you would like to see more from Schofield or put a deposit on your very own model, please visit their official website:

Tom Mulraney
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  1. David Franklin

    Hi Tom,

    This Schofield design is so pure, so cleanly elegant, masculine and masterly executed. Gosh, my wrist is drooling to have one on it!
    Beautiful!, or, as the Brits would say, “Smashing!”

    Kind Regards,
    Dave Franklin
    a dedicated Watch Journal reader

  2. Bryan Leech


    Great article, thanks.

    I keep saying that the Schofield brand is not just a brand, it’s beyond brand. Not only has Giles Ellis designed and produced a beautiful timepiece but he’s engages with customers in a way that is both unique and infectious. This is retail therapy but not as we know it – more like a retail journey. I feel like I’m part of the Schofield ‘Club’ and I communicate with Giles in a way that would be ‘off limits’ with other watch manufacturers. There are tempting offers for existing Signalman owners and, so far, I’ve resisted but my resolve is diminishing. The Signalman puts a smile on my face every time I strap it to my wrist and I’m so very proud to be a member of the Schofield family. I’m looking forward to seeing what Schofield has to offer at Salon QP and, of course, to meeting Giles, the man behind my wonderful watch. Perhaps I should leave my credit card at home. Kind regards, Bryan.

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