Speake-Marin Classic HMS – Elegance Defined (UPDATED WITH PRICING)

Speake-Marin Classic HMS

It’s a new take on an old design, and the results are nothing short of superb. Presenting the newly released Classic HMS from independent watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin.

After the incredible successes of both the Spirit Pioneer and the Piccadilly Serpent Calendar, Speake-Marin has once again turned his attention to the classic Piccadilly design, this time finding inspiration in the contemporary reinterpretation of his very first Piccadilly model.

The Attraction Of Simplicity
The key here is simplicity. HMS – hours, minutes, seconds – the most basic and fundamental elements of timekeeping. And yet more often than not simplicity is associated with adjectives such as boring, unattractive and downright plain. Not so with the Classic HMS, its elegant refinement only serves to make it more appealing, both from an aesthetic and a practical standpoint.

Speake-Marin Classic HMS

The clever use of layers and the delicate finishing techniques – the dial is either silvered with a fine guilloche in the center and circular grained outer ring, or completely white-lacquered depending on which model you choose – contrast superbly with the blued hands and bold roman numerals, all whilst maintaining a delightful sense of balance. Nothing is overpowering and yet the importance of every element is apparent. You may not notice each detail individually but were one to be missing, it would completely throw off the entire aesthetic design of the dial.

Much like the Serpent Calendar the HMS is presented in a refined Piccadilly case, significantly slimmer than the original at just 12mm. This is made possible by the use of the new Eros 2 automatic winding calibre, complete with an impressive five-day power reserve and the trademark Speake-Marin mystery rotor in blue, all visible through the exhibition caseback. The watch will also be available in two different case sizes, 38mm and 42mm as well as your choice of two different metals, stainless steel and 18k red gold.  All will be presented on a hand-made, natural alligator leather strap with a pin buckle in the same material as the case.

Speake-Marin Classic HMS

Updated To Include Pricing

RRP on all four models is quite reasonable, especially given that what you get for your money;

    – 38mm steel – CHF11,200 (approx US$11,950)
    – 42mm steel – CHF11,700 (approx US$12,500)
    – 38mm gold – CHF18,800 (approx US$20,000)
    – 42mm gold – CHF22,900 (approx US$24,500)

The Final Word
The Classic HMS for me is the embodiment of what an elegant dress watch should be. Simplistic but attractive, masculine but not bulky and above all, refined. In particular the stainless steel model has in my opinion incredible versatility, making it suitable for both the office and also more formal occasion. That being said however, money being no object I would go for the 42mm red gold model with the silvered dial, it simply looks superb.

For more information about this particular model and Speake-Marin in general, please visit their official website: www.speake-marin.com

Tom Mulraney
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  2. Harry Lee

    Having owned one of the original Piccadilly watches I am always interested in any of Peter’s new releases and I am never disappointed. The new HMS should be an easy sell to those who appreciate a classic and elegant timepiece from one of the great contemporary watchmakers.

  3. Author
    Tom Mulraney

    I couldn’t have put it better myself Harry, I think Peter has really hit the nail on the head with this model!

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