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In Conversation With Giuliano Mazzuoli, Watch and Pen Creator

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Giuliano Mazzuoli is an Italian product designer, who first made a name for himself as a typographer and later as designer of pens. Since 2005, he has been focusing increasingly on watches. His works are familiar yet original. A coffee pot, a pressure gauge, a gear. Domestic objects, tools and parts, one would typically find in a garage. The genius lays in elevating the object above the utilitarian and reinterpreting it in surprising way.

Watch Winder Review: Underwood (London) – Rotobox

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This is a slightly unusual review in that it’s for a variety of winders rather than a single piece. That’s because the Rotobox from “Underwood (London)” is a cross between an expandable winder and the more traditional ‘jewelry box’ style winder. The unit itself is completely removable and can be placed into a wide variety of cases from single framed leather boxes to large wooden units housing twenty or more modules.