URWERK UR-110PTH Hands On (Live Pics)

© 2013 Adam Priscak for WatchAnish and TWL

At Baselworld earlier this year URWERK unveiled what I can only describe as the most aggressive looking UR-110 to date, the striking UR-110PTH.

Characterised by the bold use of red across the futuristic dial, this new watch is the very definition of eye-catching. Scratch a little deeper though and you will quickly discover there is more than just a new color scheme on display here.

Black Platinum

Like some of its other siblings in the UR-110 stable, the UR-110PTH is housed within an ergonomic Grade 5 titanium case, the design of which I can assure you is incredibly comfortable on the wrist. I actually spent a month wearing one earlier this year and enjoyed every minute of it. You can read that hands-on review here. However the UR-110PTH has a secret and one that makes it noticeably heavier than its peers.

© 2013 Adam Priscak for WatchAnish and TWL

You see, the trademark reinforced bezel, which has been sand-blasted for a stunning matte finish is actually made from one of the most desirable metals of all, 950 platinum. This is of course not apparent to the casual observer as URWERK have disguised the natural sheen of the metal by expertly blackening it, a process they pioneered back in 2006 with the UR-103 Blackbird.

The end result is a very cool timepiece that really stands out on the wrist thanks to the bold contrast of the stunning red dial against the matte black platinum bezel. It won’t suit all tastes of course but those that have the confidence to pull it off will no doubt revel in all the attention it garners, especially because as a URWERK you know it has the mechanical prowess, the bite as it were, to more than back up that loud bark.

An uncased UR-110 Movement in original dress © 2013 Adam Priscak for WatchAnish and TWL

The UR-110PTH will be limited to just 20 pieces worldwide and is available for order now. Of course if you’re looking for something slightly more subdued but still with all the flair and appeal of a limited edition URWERK timepiece, you could also check out the refined UR-110PT with satin-finished platinum bezel and standard color scheme.

The Final Word

Much like the vaunted UR-103 before it, the entry-level UR-110 has provided a great canvas for URWERK’s designers, allowing them to experiment with the use of bold colors and different metals to create some highly desirable timepieces. What I really like about the UR-110PTH though is the fact that it looks so different from anything that has come before it. Whilst this is certainly not the first time URWERK have done a black watch, or even a black UR-110 for that matter, the bold use of contrasting colors makes it feel like they’ve never done anything like this before, which I think is really cool. Not for the faint-hearted, the UR-110PTH is for those who like to show out in style.


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