Wow Watch Wednesday: Frédéric Jouvenot’s Helios

Frédéric Jouvenot Helios

We’re constantly searching for new and unique pieces to present to you here on The Watch Lounge and so it is with great pleasure that we introduce you to today’s highly original offering. A tantalizing combination of old and new technologies, the all new Helios timepiece from watch maker Frédéric Jouvenot will take your breath away with its deceptively simple display, masking its inner complexities.

This exceptional new piece offers a three-dimensional interpretation of time that is a modern re-imagining of the ancient sundial. However, you’ve never seen a sundial like this before! Combining the inseparable phases of day and night this simplistic looking piece houses a complex mechanism which allows the wearer to observe the passing of time in a completely new way.

Unlike other, more traditional timepieces, the Helios does not use hands or discs to display the time, but instead three-dimensional cylinders which rotate in accordance with the changing of the hours. Although it sounds complicated it is actually exceptionally easy to read and really is quite visually stunning.

Words can only tell you so much, however, and that’s why we’ve got this great video for you so that you can see exactly how it works:

As you can see from the above, despite the incredible mechanical complexity involved in this timepiece, it is actually far easier to read than many other Haute Horologerie pieces.

The Final Word
Due to be unveiled this week at Basel World, the all new Helios is sure to be a hit with enthusiasts and industry veterans alike. Combining unique and innovative design with technical brilliance, this timepiece presents a spectacular new take on the technology of the centuries-old sun dial and is well worthy of young fair-haired Greek god it is paying tribute to: Helios.

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  1. Author
    Tom Mulraney

    Hey Olivier, the case will be available in white or pink gold or black TITANIUM DLC (as in the picture above), and the three-dimensional face will be PVD colour black, rhodium-plated or pink gold.

  2. Author
    Tom Mulraney

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for your comment. Check out their official website ( for details on where you can buy a Helios and how much it will cost.


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