The Cacheux 8

Cacheux 8

It’s no secret that the number 8 holds great significance in Chinese culture and is often associated with wealth and prosperity. In recognition of this, many different watch brands have often sought to incorporate it in someway in their designs – beyond just including it on the dial obviously – but I don’t think I ever seen a piece that celebrates the number quite like the Cacheux 8.

Introducing Cacheux Haute-Horologerie
Cacheux is a brand we have never before featured here on The Watch Lounge, not for any particular reason but just because the opportunity never really came up.

After a successful career in the luxury goods industry, including stints with l’Oréal and jewellery maker Fred, French designer Fabien Cacheux designed his first concept watch, the Galibier GT in 2010. According to Cacheux the response was so positive he decided to establish his own brand and pursue this passion further. Since then his company has created several limited edition pieces of haute horology, including the new Cacheux 8.

8 Reasons To Celebrate
As the name suggests this timepiece is all about celebrating the number 8 and it seems, has been unashamedly designed for the Chinese market. The design is relatively simplistic, with a clearly defined figure 8 crafted from 18k white gold traversing the top of the dial to the bottom. It’s what’s contained within the figure 8 however that is truly astonishing.

Cacheux 8

At 6 o’clock an exposed tourbillon completes one full rotation every minute but it has some serious competition when it comes to attracting attention in the form of an 8-carat diamond in a raised setting at 12 o’clock.  Unfortunately few technical details are available about the manually wound movement (including who made it) however it does boast an impressive 120-hour power reserve on a single barrel.

As you would expect only 8 numbered pieces will be available worldwide, made in your choice of 18k white/pink yellow gold or platinum 950, and yes, you guessed it, each one takes 8 months to realize.

The Final Word
To be honest I’m not quite sure what to make of this timepiece, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything quite like it before and I am in two minds as to whether the Cacheux 8 actually qualifies as haute horology. Whatever the case may be, it is certainly unique.

For more information please visit the brand’s official website:

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