Bremont World Timer ALT1-WT

Bremont is a brand that has really started to hit its stride in the last few years, producing some top quality timepieces and establishing somewhat of a cult following in the process. Those who own a Bremont swear by their quality, reliability and of course legibility and it seems now that these die-hard fans may just have another winner to add to their growing collections; the all new Bremont World Timer ALT1-WT.

First Time For World Time
This is the first time that Bremont has created a World-Timer for ‘civilian’ use and so understandably it is kind of a big deal for the devotees of the brand. Don’t be concerned about potential quality or functionality issues that sometimes plague ‘first-releases’ though because the ALT1-WT has already earned its stripes via rigorous military testing (the original incarnation was commissioned for use by the military C-17 Globemaster crews stationed around the world.)

In trademark Bremont fashion this latest offering is delightfully over-engineered, ensuring a super tough, super reliable finished product. The steel used in the Trip-Tick case construction has been hardened through a series of processes at high temperatures to give it a hardness and scratch resistance of 2000 Vickers. In comparison a standard untreated 316L stainless steel watch case will naturally be around 300 Vickers.

Similarly the sapphire crystal covering the dial has nine layers of anti-reflective treatment on each side of the crystal reducing light reflections on the crystal face by up to 95%. According to the brand this treatment has been designed to be as scratch resistant as the sapphire crystal it has been applied to.

Bremont World Timer ALT1-WT

Excellent Functionality
Despite its excellent legibility the ALT1-WT also offers quite a high level of functionality, incorporating a date display, chronograph counters, 24-hour UTC hand and of course World Time Zone. The latter is displayed on an internal bezel that is rotated by using a separate crown at 8 o’clock. To enhance the wearer’s experience Bremont have developed a special mechanism (integrating a series of ball-bearings) that allows the user to turn the bezel with a satisfying ‘click’ for each minute turned.

Powering this new release is a modified automatic chronometer (COSC) certified BE-54AE movement, designed for both accuracy and reliability. The movement has been handsomely finished in Bremont’s ateliers in the UK and Switzerland and is on display through the exhibition case-back.

As a final touch the watch is presented in a leather travel wallet, hand-made in England, it comes with a strap changing tool and an extra NATO military nylon strap along with the watch’s COSC certification.

Available in three dial variations – Blue, Black and White – and priced at US$5695 this is bound to be another popular piece for the growing brand.

The Final Word
The World Timer ALT1-WT represents yet another solid offering from Bremont, successfully fusing the company’s military and aviation know-how into an everyday timepiece that looks good and has the functionality to match. Reasonably priced and extremely well made, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

For more information please visit Bremont’s official website:

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