The 2016 Olympics are a year away which can only mean one thing: it’s time for the unveiling of the latest limited edition from the games’ official timekeeper. Meet the new Omega Seamaster Bullhead “Rio 2016” Edition.

The Omega Seamaster Bullhead

As official timekeeper of the Olympics – both summer and winter – Omega has a long history of creating commemorative timepieces to mark each set of Games. In fact the exclusive relationship dates all the way back to the 1930s when Omega created watches that were actually used by officials to time events (check out this extremely interesting article if you would like to know more.)

As you might expect some watches have been more appealing than others. After all, you can’t expect decades of consistent hits now can you? Fortunately the offering for the 2016 Rio Olympics is right on point.

Funnily enough though, the watch wasn’t actually called the Bullhead back then.

Presented in Omega’s somewhat iconic bullhead case, the Seamaster Bullhead is instantly recognizable on the wrist thanks to its aggressive yet distinctive style. Dating back to 1969 the Seamaster Bullhead was originally created for rally drivers who wanted something that was hard wearing and easy to read to time their laps, however it sort of fell into obscurity after that until Omega revived it in 2013 (much to the joy of hardcore Omega fans everywhere).

Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016

Funnily enough though, the watch wasn’t actually called the Bullhead back then. According to Omega the name “bullhead” was originally a nickname, coined by watch collectors who admired the shape of the timepiece, and concluded that it indeed looked like the head of a bull. Who knew, right?

Enough about history though, let’s jump back into the present day and take a closer look at the Rio 2016 edition of the Seamaster Bullhead. Like its predecessors this model also features a central chronograph seconds hand and a 30-minute recorder at 12H. What I really like though is how subtle the references are to the Olympics. In fact it’s not immediately clear that this piece is a homage to the games until you turn it over and see the Rio 2016 logo stamped on the case-back.

Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016

Turn the Seamaster Bullhead back over though and take a second look and you will soon notice that Omega has indeed expertly weaved in many references to the Olympic games, starting with that bright blue leather strap which links directly to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games logo, and features subtle stitching along each side, coloured yellow, green, red and black.

This color palette is continued on the 60-minutes rotating inner-bezel, which contrasts nicely against the white of the dial whilst at the same time providing an understated tie-in to the Olympic rings. Inside the Seamaster Bullhead is Omega’s ultra-reliable Co-Axial calibre 3113, although unfortunately you can’t see any of the moving parts due to the aforementioned solid case-back.

Only 316 pieces of the Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016 limited edition will be made and if I had to guess I would say they will retail for between $5,000 – $7,000.

If you would like to see more from the official Omega Olympic collection please click here.

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