In just under a month London’s famed Saatchi Gallery will once again play host to SalonQP and we could not be more excited. To date nearly 40 different exhibitors have been confirmed, ranging from major players such as Chopard and Montblanc to the lesser known but no less interesting brands like Moritz Grossman and McGonigle Watches. If you’re a watch lover and you’re in London in November, you know where you need to be.

SalonQP 2016

This will be our third year attending and I can honestly say that one of the things I love about SalonQP is its intimate atmosphere. That may sound like a strange way to describe a watch fair but bear with me. You see for a start SalonQP is much smaller than the traditional watch fairs, such as Basel and SIHH. What it lacks in quantity however it more than makes up for in quality. A bevy of cool brands – some of which you’ve probably only ever read about online – await your discovery. Whether you want to see a $1,000 watch or a $100,000 watch there’s something for just about everybody.

Gronefeld Parallax Tourbillon

On display last year the awesome Parallax Tourbillon from Gronefeld.

URWERK UR-106 Lotus

There’s also plenty of watches for the ladies. Like this stunning, diamond studded URWERK UR-106 Lotus

As good as the range of brands exhibiting is though, what really makes SalonQP special is the people. You may be able to walk into a boutique and try on an expensive watch but chances are you won’t be able to talk directly to the person who created it. At SalonQP that opportunity is a reality. I remember watching last year as a wide-eyed young man whose passion more than likely exceeded his means cautiously approached Kari Voutilainen – arguably one of the best independent watchmakers of his time for those playing along at home –  to ask about a watch in the display case. Now if you know Kari you know what happened next. Out comes the watch from the case and straight onto the wrist of the young man. Followed by a detailed but (relatively) easy to follow explanation of how it was made. Judging by the look on his face I am betting that kid will never forget the experience!

Voutilainen GMT-6

Kari Voutilainen’s gorgeous GMT-6.

Add to that a slew of product launches, special announcements and more and you can see there’s no place you’d rather be in early November than London (even if the weather is downright dreadful!) Like most popular events though the secret is to visit during the day when everybody else is at work. Friday morning is generally pretty quiet, which means you can get as much hands on time and ask as many questions as you like. Keep in mind though that some of the exhibitors might still be hung-over from the wild VIP opening night party the night before, so maybe don’t get too technical first thing. At least not until they’ve had their coffee.

Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic Square

Prototype movement in the Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic Square.

Sarpaneva KO Northern Lights

You could even see the Northern Lights from the Saatchi Gallery last year courtesy of Sarpaneva.

We’ll be bringing you more coverage in the lead up to SalonQP so stay tuned and check back regularly for exciting announcements, brand profiles and more.

Official Dates: 3rd – 5th November, 2016.

Check out the official SalonQP website for more information and tickets.

Tom Mulraney
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