ST Dupont Star Wars Pen

The Pen Zone: S.T. Dupont Star Wars Collection Hands On

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With the latest sci-fi instalment of George Lucas’ epic saga behind us, the fans of Star Wars have been spoiled with a whole raft of toys and gadgets inspired by the movie. In the pen world, S.T. Dupont was tapped to transform the legendary X-Wing and Tie Fighters into fine writing instruments, a tall order to say the least. So, how did they do? Read on to find out.

Caran d’Ache Year of the Monkey Pen

The Pen Zone: Celebrating The Year of the Monkey

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On the 8th of February, China and the numerous Chinese communities from across the world celebrated the beginning of the Year of Monkey. Alongside of this it has become a well-established practice for renowned brands to release Chinese Zodiac themed models each year. A quick money-making scheme, some say, aimed at milking the nouveau riche of the Far East. But is it? Some have called the phenomenon a ‘cultural appropriation’ (or misappropriation?) but others see it more as ‘cultural appreciation’.