Founded in 2009 by me – Tom Mulraney – The Watch Lounge started life as a simple luxury watch blog. My big idea was to immerse myself in this fascinating world and learn as much as possible. Today I am proud to say it has grown into a reliable resource for watch lovers everywhere, with tens of thousands of visitors reading our content each month. Over the years a number of contributors have done their bit to help make that possible and I am eternally grateful to all of them.

Today, my mission is for the site to serve as a key resource for watch lovers everywhere. Regardless of whether you’ve just fallen down the rabbit hole or are getting ready to fill your second watch box. What you will find on this site is straight talk. No puffery or press release regurgitation. I’m not in the habit of bagging on watches (or brands for that matter) but I will always give my honest opinion. And do my best to demystify quirks of the industry, such as “why do most watch collectors love to hate Hublot?

To be clear though, this is not a news site. If you want to read about the latest new releases from ‘x’ brand, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere. The focus instead is on in-depth articles on a wide range of models, most of which have been on the market for a while now. I will of course cover newer models every now and then, but most likely not in sync with the news cycle.

If you have any questions or suggestions along the way, feel free to drop me an email at tom at the watch lounge dot com.

Thanks for reading!