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#SIHH2016: De Bethune DB25 World Traveller

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The luxury watch industry may be in for some challenging times ahead but there’s no doubt the independent spirit of innovation is still very much alive. De Bethune, another of the independent brands making its debut at SIHH this year, provides yet another example of this with the introduction of its new DB25 World Traveller watch.

Habring2 Felix

Getting To Know Felix The Fortunate From Habring2

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Last year a small Austrian watchmaker by the name of Habring² celebrated its 10th Anniversary with the launch of a simple looking watch called Felix. At the time I remembered thinking ‘ten years is a pretty significant milestone, surely they want something a little more flashy to mark the occasion?’ The thing is, the husband and wife founders of Habring² don’t really do ‘flashy’. Instead, they prefer something a little more substantive. How refreshing is that?