Richard Mille RMS05 Pen

The Pen Zone: Dissecting The Richard Mille RMS05 Pen

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I think it’s pretty fair to say that Richard Mille surprised everyone this year at SIHH by unveiling the RMS05 Pen next to his RM 50-02 ACJ Tourbillon Split Seconds Chronograph and RM 67-01 Automatic Ultra Flat. Even more surprising – and interesting – however is the fact that this pen was presented as part of the core collection and not as an ‘add-on’ to the watch collection.

The Pen Zone: Meet Your Pen Oscar Winners Of 2016

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With a politically charged, 88th Academy Awards behind us, we can’t help but wonder what would it be like to have an Oscar ceremony for pens? I know, it sounds a little strange but we just really love pens. Come on, aren’t you even just a little bit curious to know who winners would be and why? Thought so. Well, read on to find out.

HYT Skull Bad Boy

#Baselworld2016: Cross To The Dark Side With The HYT Skull Bad Boy

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HYT Watches may have just unveiled my favorite version yet of its popular Skull watch, the HYT Skull Bad Boy. Dressed all in black – literally head to toe – the HYT Skull Bad Boy even features a new black liquid for the time zone indication, quite a deviation from the bright colors we are used to seeing. The watch is not due to be officially launched until next month at Baselworld but fortunately we can give you a quick sneak preview now.

Styljoux Pens

The Pen Zone: Meet Styljoux; A Start-Up That Wants To Bring Watch-Like Complications into the World of Pens

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How many times have you looked at a watch – or any other product for that matter- and said to yourself ‘I would’ve done it differently’? For me the ability to have that type of insight is what being a true aficionado is all about. Not just knowing a brand or its products but actually trying to really understand and appreciate the aesthetic and technical elements of its product’s design. Why did they do it this way? Why do I think it would look/work better that way?