URWERK was one of just nine independent watch brands making their debut at SIHH this year and although the company didn’t unveil any major new models they did deliver a couple of very nice variations, specifically the UR-105 T-Rex and the EMC Time Hunter.

The UR-105 T-Rex

First up let’s take a look at the new UR-105 T-Rex, which was quite a hit at SIHH by all accounts. Immediately catching the eye of course is the rather unusual looking case. As you can see, the top of it is crisscrossed by a raised, concentrically ribbed pattern, akin to the scales of certain reptiles, hence the T-Rex nickname.

What makes this case extra cool though – in my opinion at least – is the fact that it’s made from hand-patinated bronze, meaning the colors of this breastplate will subtly evolve over the years. Felix Baumgartner, master-watchmaker and co-founder of URWERK, explained this in more detail, saying:

“We performed a number of different trials before confirming the exact shape of our bronze case. We wanted to achieve the perfect patina. Each model is treated as one-of-a-kind. It is decorated, beadblasted, micro-sandblasted, purified and then oxidized with a brush.”

This is not the first time that URWERK have experimented with the case of the UR-105 but I think it is my favorite to date. Offered as a limited edition of just 22 pieces the UR-105 T-Rex is perfect for those looking for something distinctive without wanting to compromise practicality or quality.


The EMC Time Hunter

The EMC Time Hunter is an updated version of URWERK’s original mechanical smart watch, the EMC. Mechanically the watch remains effectively unchanged however what has been improved on – and dramatically I would say – is legibility.

Instead of the 4 smaller windows displaying the various indications seen on the original EMC, the EMC Hunter now features just one large display window with a completely re-arranged dial. At the centre is the time display, with hours and minutes indicated via high-contrast black hands enhanced with bright white Super-LumiNova. At 1 o’clock a rotating disk displays the seconds, whilst the power reserve indicator can be found diagonally opposite at 7 o’clock.

Not only is the new display on the EMC Time Hunter bigger than the original but there is also a greater degree of contrast making it easy to read at a glance, even at night thanks to the liberal application of the aforementioned Super-Luminova, which glows blue and white in the dark. The dial in the top left corner at 10 o’clock meanwhile displays the two EMC electronic indications: timekeeping precision to +/- 15 seconds per day and the amplitude of the balance.

URWERK EMC Time Pistol

There are also two new case variations to go with the new dial, one in standard Grade 5 titanium/steel and the other featuring military green ceramic-coated grade 5 titanium/steel, which I assume is where the Time Hunter reference comes from. Whilst definitely a watch for the more hardcore amongst URWERK’s fans, the EMC Time Hunter is nonetheless an impressive feat of micro-engineering.

For more information about the new UR-105 T-Rex and EMC Time Hunter timepieces, please visit

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