Ok, so maybe a new leather watch strap won’t change your life but it will change the look of your favorite timepiece. Who knows though, maybe your stylish new strap attracts the attention of a certain someone on a night out and bam, you meet the love of your life! Or at least the love of your evening. Either way, life changed, just like that. And to think, all it took was a couple of pieces of leather lovingly hand-crafted just for you. Interested? We thought you might be. Here’s three leather watch strap makers we love to get you started.

Horus Watch Straps

Horus Straps Orange Python Leather Watch Strap Image Credit: Horus Straps

Based in sunny Miami, Florida, Horus makes gorgeous watch straps and related accessories. These are the guys to go to when you want something extra exotic for your leather watch strap, like Stingray or Python. Each Horus Strap is hand cut & hand stitched by an artisan highly skilled in the craft of leatherwork, resulting in a stunning bespoke creation for its future owner. The Horus promise is pretty simple; handcrafted watch straps to fit any timepiece and in any combination of colors and materials one wishes. Can’t ask for much more than that, can you?

We recommend: Orange Python

Bas & Lokes

Bas & Lokes Buckland Chestnut Leather Watch Strap Image Credit: Bas & Lokes

Bas & Lokes describe themselves as designers and makers of really well-crafted handmade leather goods and we couldn’t agree more. Run by two friends the small company is based out of Sydney, Australia. Although they’ve diversified their offering in recent years, Bas & Lokes most definitely got their start back in 2009 making high quality leather watch straps. In the ensuing years they have built a worldwide fan-base of watch lovers and collectors alike who can’t get enough of these handmade creations. Their website has a huge range to choose from and they make straps to suit just about any model and budget. Plus they’re super friendly, so if you have a question just get in touch and ask!

We recommend: “Buckland” Chestnut Padded

Gunny Straps

Gunny AP Royal Blue Leather Watch Strap Image Credit: Gunny Straps

Don’t let the cheesy website fool you, Gunny Straps is the real deal – just ask former movie star, former California Governor and certified Paneristi Arnold Schwarzenegger if you don’t believe me, he’s a happy Gunny Straps’ customer. Although probably best known for making tough-looking, distressed leather watch straps for Panerai watches, Gunny Straps tries to cater to pretty much any request (within reason of course). Case in point they recently started making custom straps for the 42mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, which look insane. As with our other two selections everything is made by hand. Just tell Peter Gunny what you want and then sit back and wait for your own little personal masterpiece to arrive.

We recommend: AP Royal Blue Crocodile

Tom Mulraney
Tom Mulraney
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3 thoughts on “3 Leather Watch Straps That Will Change Your Life”

  1. Terry Dellerson says:

    These are some of the coolest bands I’ve seen. A friend of mine has a Horus band and the workmanship and quality is fantastic

  2. Les Gusky says:

    Wow – great publicity Horus Watch Straps! YOU deserve it…for all your hard work and efforts. I love my Black and Red stitched leather Hornback – what a difference it makes on my Audemars Royal Oak.

  3. Brad Spawr says:

    I’ve ordered several straps from Bas. His straps are of top quality and his service is second to none. Glad to see him get the recognition they deserve!

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