In just a few days Antoine Martin will officially unveil its latest timepiece, the Masterpiece No 1 Tourbillon Astronomique at Baselworld 2014.

Antoine Martin

Antoine Martin was a surprise favorite last year at Baselworld, with its unconventional Slow Runner timepiece proving to be something of a crowd pleaser. The focus then was on clean design and simple concepts. This year however things get a little more complicated.

There’s no telling just yet what the overall reaction will be to the new Tourbillon Astronomique timepiece. If I had to hazard a guess though I would say it is probably going to be a mix of awe and confusion.

Before we dive into that though it’s probably worth noting that Antoine Martin is now run by its founder and respected watchmaker, Martin Braun, after former CEO Bruno Jufer took his leave of the company at the end of last year.

It’s too early to say whether that’s a good or bad thing but it definitely seems like Braun is making his presence felt already.

The Tourbillon Astronomique

There’s no denying that Tourbillon Astronomique is impressive timepiece from a technical perspective. The specifications read like a veritable shopping list of complications, some of which even sound plausibly useful.

The main dial plays host to the following indications (in addition to a rather large tourbillon at 6 o’clock):

– Sunrise and sunset display, adjusted to a location of the customer’s choice
– Display for the sign of the zodiac and season
– Date display
– Equation of time display
– Retrograde moon with moon phase display
– Day and night display

Turn the watch over and you will find three further indications, including:

Antoine Martin Tourbillon Astronomique

– Power reserve display
– Declination display, featuring a graphic and the degrees in figures
– Polar shadow line

It all sounds very impressive and to a degree it is. The only problem is it also means the dial of the Tourbillon Astronomique is very cluttered. Sub-dials appear arranged in an almost haphazard manner and there really is no symmetry to speak of.

Plus, if we’re being brutally honest, most of the indications are superfluous, meaning you are probably never going to use them in your everyday life. This won’t be too much of a concern for some but I am sure that many will look at the 500,000CHF price tag attached to the Tourbillon Astronomique and simply rub their eyes in disbelief (I know I did.)

The watch will be presented in an 18k rose gold case with silver dial and will be paired with a brown alligator leather strap complete with 18k rose gold deployant clasp.

Stay tuned later this week for live pictures from Baselworld 2014!

Source: Antoine Martin

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