They say it’s the simple things in life that are often the best. Personally I’d take the complexity of the new Arnold & Son DTE Dual Time Watch any day.

The DTE Dual Time Watch

We’ve been covering Arnold & Son for a long time now here on The Watch Lounge. One of the more remarkable ‘young’ brands in watchmaking today, its rapid growth has been nothing short of astonishing.

Thanks to a unique blend of creativity, innovation and just good old fashioned top quality craftsmanship Arnold & Son has quickly become one of the ‘ones to watch.’ And with incredible timepieces like the new DTE Dual Time Watch it’s not hard to see why.

Arnold & Son DTE Dual Time Watch

Now, we’ve already covered the technical workings of the DTE Dual Time Watch in some detail in an earlier article, which you can read here. So today I will be focussing more on what this new watch is like in the flesh.

As you can see in the photos the DTE Dual Time Watch has a very minimalistic, almost industrial design. The focus here is on the technical execution of complex watchmaking techniques, namely the use of two tourbillon escapements.

Arnold & Son DTE Dual Time Watch

As such, the dial has been stripped back to the bare requirements to ensure nothing distracts you from appreciating the handiwork of the master craftsmen responsible for its execution. This may seem a little harsh at first but when you get up close and personal with the watch you really appreciate the level of detail that is visible to the naked eye.

Arnold & Son DTE Dual Time Watch

It won’t suit all tastes undoubtedly but those who are really passionate about the technical art of watchmaking will love the level of insight the dial of DTE Dual Time Watch offers. Similarly if you turn it over a sapphire exhibition caseback reveals the beautifully finished in-house movement.

Arnold & Son DTE Dual Time Watch

New for 2014, the manually wound calibre A&S8513 offers a 90-hour power reserve thanks to its double-barrel system. It features hand-chamfered bridges, circular satin-finished wheels, blued screws polished to a mirror finish and looks absolutely spectacular. The tourbillon escapements of course remain the highlight but the finishing of the movement certainly runs a close second.

Presented in a 43.5mm 18k red gold case, the DTE Dual Time Watch is extremely comfortable on the wrist. It’s big enough that you can appreciate all the fine details without having to squint but its profile is still thin enough to easily slide away under your cuff when required.

Arnold & Son DTE Dual Time Watch

Fair warning though, this piece is definitely a head-turner and as such will attract a lot of attention (not to mention jealous stares.) It will definitely be a great conversation starter though, just make sure you can explain how it all works!

The DTE Dual Time Watch is a limited edition of just 28 pieces and is part of Arnold & Son’s 250th Anniversary celebrations. Pricing is set at US$210,000.

For more information please visit the official Arnold & Son website.

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