It’s an eclectic mix of links this week on the week in review, with hopefully something for just about everyone, so let’s dive right in.

Melted Gold

Chopard Gold Cases

First up this week is a rather interesting article I came across on ATimelyPerspective about how Chopard melts its own gold for its cases, a process that very few brands undertake themselves. Generally speaking when we talk about the technical aspects of watchmaking all the focus seems to be on the movements and rightly so, but I also find it cool to learn about other aspects of the watchmaking process and case construction is definitely one of the major ones. After all, without the case there would be no watch at all, just a series of parts looking for a home.

You can read the full article here on ATimelyPerspective.

H. Moser & Cie Venturer Small Second

H Moser  Cie Venturer Small Seconds

Over at Monochrome meanwhile I found an excellent hands on review of the new H. Moser & Cie Venturer Small Second, unveiled earlier this year at Baselworld. The highlight for me of course is the collection’s stunning ‘fumé dials’, which help to endow the pieces with a wonderful vintage feel (pictured at top). It’s not just about aesthetics though, with the Venturer Small Second boasting a brand new, in-house designed and manufactured movement. Definitely worth a closer look for watch lovers who appreciate pure design.

Read the full review here on Monochrome.

Christie’s Geneva Auction Round-Up

Patek Philippe Sky Moon

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks you would probably be aware by now that Christie’s recently held one of their most important rare and vintage watch auctions for the year in Geneva. Don’t worry if you missed the show itself though, the talented team from WatchAnish were on site in Geneva for the entire event and have put together a fairly comprehensive break-down of some of the more interesting pieces to sell, complete with lots of high-quality pictures. I highly recommend checking this one out but be warned it may suck up a few hours of your afternoon!

Check out all the details here on WatchAnish.

Bob Potts’ Kinetic Sculptures

Bob Potts Ascension

If you are even a remotely frequent visitor to The Watch Lounge you should by now be familiar with the M.A.D Gallery, MB&F’s unique gallery/boutique concept based in the heart of Geneva. The latest exhibitor to hit this creative space is a man by the name of Bob Potts, an American artist who creates incredible animated statues. Thanks to the guys over at ABlogToWatch you can check out all the details of this new exhibition, including some very cool videos of the statues in action.

View all the videos here on ABlogToWatch.

Hublot Big Bang Bi-Retrograde Chrono

Hublot Big Bang Bi-Retrograde Chrono

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is set get underway in Brazil in less than a month and despite what the newspapers are reporting about all the issues plaguing preparations, we’ve got football fever! That’s why last week we got hands on with the official watch of the World Cup, the limited edition Hublot Big Bang Bi-Retrograde Chrono. This unique chronograph has been designed specifically for timing football matches and as such has a very distinct aesthetic. Admittedly it’s a bit gimmicky but it’s also kind of cool at the same time and definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Click here to read the full write-up.

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