One of the things I love most about independent watchmaking is the level of creativity. For example, last week we showed you the stunning DB25 World Traveller that De Bethune launched at SIHH 2016, a highly original take on the classic world timer. This week it’s another independent watchmaker, Andersen Genève, who will be unveiling a slightly more traditional looking world timer at Baselworld next month; the Tempus Terrae 25th Anniversary Edition.

The Tempus Terrae 25th Anniversary Edition

With the advent of smart phones (and smart watches for that matter) one could make the argument that the usefulness of tool watches such as world timers has somewhat diminished. One could also make the argument that we can easily get all the daily nutrition we need from bland astronaut bars. The point being that the most efficient way to do something is not necessarily the only way and certainly not likely to be the most enjoyable. Plus no smart watch I’ve seen looks as gorgeous as this.

As you’ve probably already divined from this new model’s name, Svend Andersen – the independent watchmaker behind Andersen Genève – has been making world-timers for quite some, 25 years in fact. In 1990 Andersen Genève presented its 1st Edition of World Time watch – called the “Communication” – in homage to a gentleman by the name of Louis Cottier, a watchmaker from Carouge in Geneva, who developed a complication for pocket watches to display multiple time zones in 1930. Subsequently, he introduced this complication to the wrist watch in 1950 and a legend was born.

Tempus Terrae 25th Anniversary Edition

Although a further three editions have followed from Andersen Genève over the ensuing years – the Tempus Terrae 25th Anniversary model will be the 5th edition – the time display system has remained virtually identical to the one dreamed up by Cottier all those years ago. A ring around the dial is inscribed with city names, while another concentric ring is graduated over 24 hours. The watch’s second crown is used to align each city with its corresponding hour.

What makes the Tempus Terrae 25th Anniversary Edition really stand out though is the gorgeous blue gold dial with a hand-guilloché pattern. That’s right, blue gold. A well-known hallmark of Andersen Genève, the 21K gold used for the dial contains tiny iron particles which, when oxidised, impart a unique blue colour, taking what would otherwise be a relatively staid looking world timer and turning it into an eye-catching art piece.

This same distinctive gold has been used for the hand-guilloché oscillating weight visible on the back side of the watch, although it is hidden away under a hunter caseback, the inside of which you can have custom engraved if you so choose, say for example with a family crest or a personal message to a loved one. The movement itself features Côtes de Genève and Perlage decorations but I just can’t stop staring at that rotor.

Tempus Terrae 25th Anniversary Edition

One of the great things about buying from a smaller brand like Andersen Genève is the ability to have things customised and the Tempus Terrae 25th Anniversary Edition is no exception. Want a certain city name on the world time dial? You got it. Special text colour to ensure your piece is truly one of a kind? Not a problem.

The Tempus Terrae 25th Anniversary Edition is offered in a very sensibly-sized 39mm case in your choice of white, yellow or red gold and will be paired with a hand-stitched alligator strap with buckle or folding clasp in matching metal. All three versions will be limited to just 25 pieces each in a nod to the 25 year anniversary they are celebrating. No word on pricing as yet so stay tuned for updates after Baselworld.

In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about Andersen Genève please visit

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