It’s been another jam-packed week in the world of watches and watch-related fields, here are five of our favourite articles from the week that was.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Artistica Collection

Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Artistica

Starting things off the guys over at Hodinkee served up a serious dose of watch porn when they photographed all twelve pieces of JLC’s incredible Hybris Artistica collection. Making its official debut at the Time Crafters watch fair here in New York a few weeks ago, the goal of the Hybris Artistica collection (according to JLC at least) is to showcase the horological excellence of the Manufacture, combining as never before watchmaking art and transcendent creativity.

Now if you think that all just sounds like a bit of marketing hyperbole than clearly you don’t know JLC very well, which is why I encourage you to read the full article on Hodinkee here.

Reflections on the Mille Miglia

Mille Miglia

Recently Northern Italy played host to the annual Mille Miglia, an exceptional road race featuring a number of extremely rare (and expensive) classic cars. Being the adventurous types the editorial team from Quill & Pad of course went along as well to cover the race in detail, not to mention snap some incredible pictures. In this article they, along with luxury belt maker Roland Iten who actually drove a car in the race, reflect on their experiences at the race and highlight their favourite moments.

It’s definitely worth a quick read if you’ve got a bit of free time, you can see the full article here on Quill & Pad.

Breguet Ref. 3797 Classique Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel

Breguet Ref. 3797 Classique Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel

Now for the classic watch lovers among you – and I know there are more than a few – I wanted to highlight a nice hands-on review of the new Breguet Ref. 3797 Classique Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel introduced at Baselworld this year. Presented in a platinum or 18k rose gold case, this complex mechanical marvel features both a perpetual calendar complication and also a tourbillon mechanism. Add to that the fact it looks gorgeous and you have a real winner on your hands.

Click here to read the full review over at Professional Watches.

Lüm-Tec Abyss 600m

LumTec Abyss 600M

Now normally I don’t go anywhere near watches like the Lüm-Tec Abyss 600m, it’s just not my style, but I enjoyed reading this review by the talented young team over at Worn & Wound so much that I just had to share it. With phrases like; “…this is a watch you wear when you’re scared you might break a normal watch…your arm will probably come off before the Abyss falls apart” I couldn’t help but smile. You may not like the watch either but you’ll definitely get a laugh out of reading the article plus this has got to be one of the most in-depth reviews of a watch costing less than $1,000 that I have read in some time.

Read it here on Worn & Wound.

Patek Philippe Ref 5059 in White Gold

Patek Philippe Ref 5059G

For our #VintageWatchFridays entry last week we brought you a gorgeous Patek Philippe Ref 5059 in 18 white gold. This automatic perpetual calendar is increasingly becoming a must-have for many collectors thanks to its cool heritage, and the fact that production ceased back in 2006. Perfect for an everyday watch, the Ref 5059 comes in a 36mm Officer’s style case, with a hinged caseback allowing for great viewing of the Caliber 315/136 inside. At US$56,500 it won’t suit all budgets but it’s definitely worth a closer look in any event.

Click here to see the original article.

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