Great Britain may no longer rule the known world but that’s not stopping English watchmaker Bremont from having a go at it.

The Bremont Way

If you not already familiar with Bremont, they are a small, independent watch manufacturer with facilities in both the UK and Switzerland. The company was founded by brothers and former pilots Nick and Giles English back in 2002 and has quickly built a large and passionate following around the world.

The brand’s success is enviable, especially in such a short period of time, and shows just what can be achieved when you have a clear vision and an unwavering belief in your goal. In Bremont’s case this goal is to bring back as much of the watchmaking process to the UK as possible.

Bremont Supermarine Terranova

At present all watches are designed, assembled and parts finished in England, including most of the bespoke parts used in their limited editions. Their much loved hand-made leather packaging is also made locally.

A Very ‘English’ Approach To Watchmaking

Now on first read that may seem like a bit of marketing hyperbole and to a degree I am sure some of it is but at the same time I believe it is this ‘English’ approach to watchmaking that is the source of so much of Bremont’s success. Allow me to explain.

During the time I spent living in London I came to realize that the English are big supporters of the concept of “value for money.” Now, that is not a fancy way of saying they’re cheap, in fact just the opposite is true.

The English are willing to pay good money for something if they believe they are getting the equivalent value in return. This is not an isolated trait by any means – hence Bremont’s global success – but I did find it to be more pronounced there than anywhere else I’ve lived before.

Bremont Boeing Model 1

Inherent in deriving this value therefore is practicality. The product has to serve the purpose for which it was intended, otherwise it may as well be worthless and for me, this is where Bremont truly excels.

Their motto is “tested beyond endurance” and they absolutely live and breathe it with every new model. When you buy a Bremont you know you’re getting a high quality timepiece that will be reliable and will do exactly what it says it will.

There’s no fancy bells and whistles, no superfluous details, what you see is what you get; a quality product that will consistently perform at or above expectations. This is why I believe you will never see something like a Bremont tourbillon. Sure it would look nice and allow them to charge 5 or 10 times the price but it adds no value to the watch and by extension, to you, the wearer.

Bremont MB III

This is what I believe is at the heart of the brand’s success. Yes they have built excellent partnerships, yes they are fantastic marketers but above all, they are consistent in their message and in their execution, which is why watch enthusiasts all over the world not only love them, they also trust them.

So watch out world, Bremont is coming.

For more information about Bremont and its great range of watches please visit their official website.

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