There was so much news coming out of the watch world last week it was almost hard to keep up. Here’s what you may have missed.

Bremont Wright Flyer

If you haven’t heard about the PR scandal surrounding the launch of Bremont’s new Wright Flyer by now, than you’ve either been living under a rock or worse still, you’re not a real watch lover. Problems first started for the brand when they (possibly inadvertently) made statements to the effect that the movement in their new watch was made ‘in-house’, a term which carries a significant amount of weight in the watch industry. Of course it has transpired that this was not actually the case, leading to something of an uproar online and prompting Nick English – who was in New York last week – to sit down for a short interview to try and explain the situation.

You can watch it above and draw your own conclusions and then be sure to head over to Hodinkee to share your thoughts in the comments section.

FP Journe Octa Sport Titanium

FP Journe Octa Sport Titanium

Speaking of new watch launches, FP Journe gave its fans something to cheer for with the launch of the new Octa Sport Titanium. As the name suggests this latest version of the Octa Sport is now housed in a titanium case complete with matching titanium bracelet. Fortunately for us the guys over at Monochrome Watches were able to get their hands on one and were gracious enough to share their thoughts with us. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but certainly worth a look if you’re into that sort of thing.

Check out the review on Monochrome Watches here.

Kering Acquires Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin

The other sensational story last week was of course the announcement that Kering (formerly PPR) would be acquiring independent watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin. Kering already owns Girard-Perreguax and JeanRichard through the Sowind Group and has made no secret of its desire to grow its high-end watch offering. Understandably though Ulysse Nardin watch lovers are a bit concerned as to what this might mean for the brand and how it will impact on things going forward. Rather than speculating, the great team at Quill & Pad decided to go straight to the source and speak with incumbent UN CEO Patrik Hoffmann, who was quick to offer reassurances that the acquisition was good thing for all concerned. “You know, there are always changes. Very clear, as I said before, is that our DNA will not change. Neither will our product philosophy, the direction of our own movements, the vertical integration, or our whole silicon technology.”

If you read just one article about the acquisition of Ulysse Nardin make it this one.

Cuervo Y Sobrinos Historiador Racing Watch

Cuervos Y Sobrinos

Cuervo Y Sobrinos is not a brand I have a great deal of familiarity with I must admit, which is why I particularly enjoyed reading this review of the Historiador Racing Watch by ABlogToWatch Editor, Ariel Adams. Unfortunately though, this particular watch is not actually for sale. Apparently the only way to get one was to race in the Cuervo Y Sobrinos Cup, a vintage car run by the brand in July this year. Don’t worry, I’d never heard of it either but you have to admit it is pretty damn cool, just like the watch itself.

As usual Ariel provides a great deal of detail and so I recommend heading over to ABlogToWatch to read the full write up.

Roland Iten Mechanical Credit Card Dispenser

Roland Iten Credit Card Dispenser

Our attention last week meanwhile was focused on that affable character Roland Iten and his highly desirable mechanical creations. My personal favorite is the RCD 81 Mechanical Dispenser for Credit Cards, a wonderful little device that can make your credit cards appear and disappear with a sleight of hand. It takes some time to master the technique but it’s totally worth it, especially when your friends try to get you to pay for dinner but can’t figure how to get credit cards out of the case!

Click here to read more.

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