Have you seen the new Chanel J12 Flying Tourbillon High Jewellery edition? It is quite literally dazzling! This is luxury watchmaking done French style.

The Chanel J12

I think it’s fair to say that thanks to its incredible popularity the Chanel J12 – first launched back in 2006 – has become something of a gateway piece for women discovering the world of mechanical watchmaking for the first time.

The Chanel J12 is of course still very much a fashion-oriented piece but it exhibits many of the same traits that high-end watch brands tout; mechanical movement, use of cutting edge materials, distinctive aesthetics and so on.

For many women it is also their first introduction to the idea of paying a substantial amount of money for a watch that is really well made. And you know what they say, once you’ve caught the fever there’s no going back, you just want more.

High Jewellery Edition

And more is exactly what you get with the new Chanel J12 Flying Tourbillon High Jewellery edition. The 38mm white gold case has been adorned with a myriad of baguette and brilliant cut diamonds using various setting techniques only a master jeweller could perform. Even the bracelet itself has become a canvas for the talented gem setter.

Chanel J12 Flying Tourbillon High Jewellery

It’s not just the dazzling aesthetics that make the Chanel J12 Flying Tourbillon so attractive however, although they do go a long way to turning a girl’s head. No, what really adds the ‘OMG, I must have it!!’ element (well, for me at least anyway) is the fact that the mechanical movement, complete with flying tourbillon, has been made exclusively for Chanel by Renaud et Papi.

Now don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the name Renaud et Papi, you’re not really supposed to be. All you need to know is that the company is a very famous movement maker attached to Audemars Piguet, and that it makes incredibly complex mechanical mechanisms for a number of notable brands. In other words, these guys mean business.

Chanel J12 Flying Tourbillon High Jewellery

Without wanting to geek out too much this is kind of exciting because it’s indicative of the fact that Chanel wants to make the best watch, period, not just one that is shiny and looks pretty. Although, just one look at the diamond studded, star-shaped flying tourbillon at six o’clock and you can see the brand definitely knows its audience.

As you might have guessed though the Chanel J12 Flying Tourbillon High Jewellery edition is a limited production piece, so limited in fact that only five pieces will ever be made.

To find out more please visit the official Chanel website.

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Jenifer Varzaly
Jenifer Varzaly
Jenifer is a luxury watch lover who brings a much needed lady's perspective to The Watch Lounge. Read her for advice on what women's watches to buy and just as importantly what to wear them with!

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  1. Fabio Anderaos says:

    There is only one aspect that is out of tune: the star on the circle covering the tourbillon. Chanel designers should leave the flying tourbillon visible, in my opinion.

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