Summer is coming, which means it’s time up update your style with something fresh. If you have one already, go have a chat with your bespoke tailor about what type of fabric you should choose for your next garment. (If you don’t have one already, it’s time to start seriously questioning your life choices.) I can just about guarantee that their response will be in the form of a question; “What is the current state of your wardrobe?” In other words, what do you have covered already, and what’s missing.

You see, conventional wisdom dictates that it’s important to have your daily style essentials sorted before you venture out into more gregarious territory. You must have your go-to grey’s, navy’s, and potentially a chalk-stripe or herringbone stripe suit for daily wear. Or do you? Bespoke tailors hold true to their strong beliefs and values that bespoke clothing is a form of expression, not only for the working professional version of yourself, but also the version that might be a little bit more fun. I, for one, think it’s time to saying yes to more fun!

bespoke summer style

We live in a day and age where striving for individuality is an everyday struggle. Whether we know it or not, we have an innate need to be different. Often, we display this originality through our personal style, such as our luxury purchases. From our new watches, and cars, to our phones and shoes, we want distinguish ourselves from the rest. Well, if it’s individuality that you’re after, why not freshen up your look with a few bolder colour and pattern choices?

One of my favourite aspects of warmer weather is the opportunity to incorporate bright and vivid colours into my wardrobe. This burgundy trio is definitely quite powerful, yet somehow not too much. Don’t be afraid to test your limits by adding new and fresh colours to your style. And remember the key to wearing anything bold, is wearing it with confidence.

bespoke summer style

“Color has a lot of meaning. It’s spiritual, and has a direct impact on your soul” – Oswald Boateng.

The Jacket I’m wearing here is made from Ermenegildo Zegna’s Su Misura fabric. Zegna has a fine eye for detail when it comes to combining striking colours such as this burgundy and green check. As the saying goes, “go big, or go home”. Budd Shirtmakers are responsible for this crisp white bespoke shirt that creates the perfect backdrop for the burgundy Albert Thurston boxcloth braces. Finally, these beautiful deep burgundy trousers are part of Gieves & Hawkes’ collection. Don’t be afraid to mix up the colours and/or textures as seen here.

bespoke summer style

So embrace a bold and colourful style this Spring/Summer season and the next time you visit your tailor (because you have one of those now) and he pulls out those “business fabric bunches”, tell him to show you the good stuff…

Ermenegildo Zegna-

Budd Shirtmakers-

Gieves & Hawkes-

Albert Thurston-

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