So, you’ve decided you want a ‘black-out’ watch in your collection? Good decision, allow me to suggest the De Bethune DB28 Dark Shadows.

The DB28 Dark Shadows

It seems that when most people think of getting a ‘black-out’ or all-black style watch these days, their first thought is to get a modified Rolex from the likes of Bamford or Blaken. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, or the watches themselves for that matter. Both companies are highly reputable and do very good work, as do a number of their competitors who offer similar services.

For those looking for something a little more, shall we say, sophisticated, however, the modified Rolex option probably isn’t going to cut it. That’s where De Bethune and the gorgeous DB28 Dark Shadows comes in. After all, as everyone knows, sophistication is De Bethune’s middle name.

De Bethune DB28 Dark Shadows

Before we go on I should just clarify here that this is not a De Bethune timepiece has been modified aftermarket by another company. No, the DB28 Dark Shadows, as its name suggests, was always intended to be as dark as night and thus left the De Bethune workshop that way.

The end result is a sandblasted, oxidized, 42.6mm case made from zirconium that somehow seems even more sleek and streamlined than the original. Add to this black hands and a black dial, matched nicely with a leather strap (black of course) and you have yourself one seriously cool – but also sophisticated – looking ‘black-out’ watch. And let’s not forget the spherical moonphase display at six o’clock accurate to a degree of one lunar day every 122 years. I don’t think we’re likely to see one of those on a Rolex anytime soon, modified or otherwise.

De Bethune DB28 Dark Shadows

On the back side of the DB28 Dark Shadows a sapphire exhibition back reveals the hand decorated, in-house manual-wound calibre DB 2115 composed of 299 parts, including a self-regulating twin barrel. Also particularly useful is the power reserve indicator in white, black and red with a rose gold needle shaped hand, which provides a quick and clear visual representation of the remaining power in the movement.

De Bethune DB28 Dark Shadows

Now I’m sure there will be some naysayers among you who will say big deal, it’s just another DB28 with a different color scheme. I know this because that was one of the first thoughts to run through my mind. Then I tried one on and realized just how wrong I was. Sure it’s not a revelation in watch-making but then again no one is claiming it is, least of all De Bethune. What the DB28 Dark Shadows is though is a great option for people with good taste who want a black-out watch in their rotation but don’t want to have to dress down to get one.

Don’t just take my word for it though, try one on for yourself and see.

Limited to just 50 pieces the DB28 Dark Shadows retails for CHF85,000 (approx. US$95,150.)

For more information about the DB28 Dark Shadows please visit the official De Bethune website.

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  1. luca lombardi says:

    The wrist too small for the size of the watch.
    Kills all its beauty !

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