If my parents had known about E.B. Meyrowitz when I was a kid, I’m sure I wouldn’t have hated wearing glasses so much. Unfortunately, they did not, or if they did, they weren’t telling me and so, during those youthful (and very formidable) years, I did not hold these ‘special accessories’ I was forced to wear in the highest esteem. When you’re an adult however, just as with candy, you can have whatever you want, whenever you want. So, why not treat yourself to the best?

E.B. Meyrowitz

E.B. Meyrowitz Glasses

Given my unpleasant relationship with glasses I inevitably fell in love with the idea of wearing contact lenses and have not looked back since. Until now that is. Strolling through the Royal Arcade in London’s famed Mayfair district on my way to see George at Cleverley’s (another story for another day), I stumbled upon some of the finest handmade eyewear I have ever seen.

These are not your ordinary spectacles; they are artistic masterpieces in the way of accessories for your eyes. Founded in 1875 by Emil Bruno Meyrowitz, the brand E.B. Meyrowitz stands as a symbol of what can be accomplished when great thought and care goes into a specific craft.

E.B. Meyrowitz Glasses

E.B. Meyrowitz operates from a simple yet effective philosophy that I’m sure resonates with every great artisan in teir respective crafts. At the heart of this philosophy lies the fundamental desire to fashion exceptional handcrafted spectacles within an environment of ease and comfort. The artisan endeavours to grant patrons not only a piece of eyewear but also a memorable and enjoyable experience. This, in my opinion, is the key to creating a product of extremely high quality.

E.B. Meyrowitz offers a wide range of services, including its Bespoke Eyewear Service in which absolutely every aspect of the client’s needs and wants are taken into account. E.B. Meyrowitz prides itself on its ability to create unique pieces tailored to every detail of one’s face shape, hair style, profile, as well as career and hobby. Also within its Bespoke range, you can find some of the most beautiful materials available today ranging from cotton based acetates, naturally sourced buffalo horn to precious metals and fine jewels, as well as exotic skins, Pleistocene mammoth ivory and tortoiseshell.

E.B. Meyrowitz Glasses

Whether you’re after that special pair of spectacles that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else, or you’re looking to redefine your look entirely and try something new, there is no better place to begin your journey than with E.B. Meyrowitz. Simply looking at the wall of ready to wear frames will provide you with an abundance of inspiration. Gone are the days of fearing the four-eyed version of yourself. It’s time to wear those glasses proudly, a significantly easier task than ever now that you know your spectacles have been put together by the fine artisans at E.B. Meyrowtitz.

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