In Ginosa, a small village in the city of Puglia, Italy, the Inglese family has been hand-making shirts for decades that embody the true spirit of Italian artisanship. Built on generations of skilled craftsmanship, G. Inglese produces only the finest quality shirting, with incredible attention to detail. Established in 1955 by Gianni Inglese, G. Inglese is unequivocally committed to preserving the authentic Italian art of tailoring. It remains today, as it did then, a beacon of the high standards and ultimate quality we all strive to achieve.

G. Inglese Italian Shirts

It goes without saying that sartorialism is a means of self-expression, and it’s a language in which the Southern Italians are quite fluent. Gifted with a certain panache, every aspect of their style comes with an added dose of flair and colour. G. Inglese embodies this notion, creating beautiful garments and accessories that are relevant for today’s modern and stylish consumer, whilst paying homage to Gianni Inglese and maintaining the standards and traditions that he set out decades ago.

G. Inglese Italian Shirts

After the passing of Gianni Inglese, the sartoria was passed onto Gianni’s son Angelo. This seemed to be quite a turning point for the brand, as Angelo Inglese has managed to seamlessly transition G. Inglese towards the modern day stylish consumer. Even more impressive has been Angelo’s drive and motivation to achieve inspiration from ancient Italian traditions.

This can be seen in the beautiful G. Inglese hand embroidered accessories and in every stitch of their handmade shirting. More recently, Angelo has made G. Inglese a worldwide brand by showcasing the true extent of his small workshop’s talents and skill across the world from Japan and the UK, to parts of America.

“I apply myself to take abroad the true essence of Made in Italy. And that can not be reduced to a brand. It should manifest itself in excellence. This is what the world expects from the Italians” – Angelo Inglese

G. Inglese Italian Shirts

Needless to say, quality craftsmanship in almost any industry will inevitably attract the highest level of consumers. G. Inglese was brought directly to the forefront of the industry after being sought out by Prince William himself. Among other heads of state and royalty, G. Inglese were commissioned by Prince William to create his wedding shirt. The Prince was very pleased to say the least.

G. Inglese Italian Shirts

The company has also strived to make a lasting positive impression among the youth by creating a tailoring school. Angelo believes that his commitment to the art, and continuing to hand down the skills and traditions of shirtmaking, is just as important as creating the beautiful garments themselves. I for one am thoroughly impressed with brands that can create masterfully handcrafted garments all whilst maintaining the traditions and values of their origins.

If you’re in the market for a shirt that’s more than just any shirt…look no further than G. Inglese (click here for the official website).

A special thank you to my good friend Angelo Inglese.

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