Last week we showed you the new movement, now we can finally show you the entire watch itself: introducing the MCT Watches S2 – S200.

The MCT Watches S2 – S200

It’s been a long journey back to redemption for independent watchmaker MCT Watches but this year at Baselworld they are finally ready to show the watch world once again why they deserve some serious attention, and you better believe they are coming prepared.

Meet the MCT Watches S2 – S200. In many ways similar to elder sibling the S1 and yet at the same time completely different, the S2 undoubtedly incorporates the DNA of the brand but in a completely new way. Gone is the traditional square-shaped case, replaced instead by an ultra-stylish round design that lends itself beautifully to MCT’s signature prism display.

MCT Watches S2

Likewise, the proportions of the classic MCT Watches sapphire sandwich (two parts of golden case separated by a sapphire glass band) have been reimagined, with the watch crystal becoming deeper while the upper part of the case is now more recessed (just look at the side profile and you’ll see what I mean). Not only does this allow more light in, it also serves to enhance the three-dimensional construction of the dial, framing it in a way that the original S1 never could.

Astute observers will also notice another subtle but important change that I feel changes the entire character of the watch (for the better, of course.) Whilst the current hour is still framed by the open ‘window’ created by the ‘C-shape’ arc rotating around the center of the dial, the minutes are now shown on a separate outside chapter ring. The design is far more intuitive and easy to read in my opinion, especially with the increased depth of the sapphire crystal.

MCT Watches S2

The case of the new MCT Watches S2 measures 44.6mm and is attached to a leather strap via beautifully elongated lugs. The look is classic and contemporary at the same time, ensuring the S2 will attract plenty of attention when you want it to and then quietly slip away under your cuff when you don’t.

As I mentioned in my previous article the new automatic movement has been developed in-house by MCT and is comprised of some 507 pieces, including an 18 carat gold micro-rotor and traditional Breguet terminal curve. As you can see in the photo a sapphire exhibition caseback puts things on full display, so it’s a good thing the bridges have been hand-chamfered and adorned with “Côtes de Genève.

MCT Watches S2

What’s really important to note here though is that the reason MCT Watches have been staying out of the limelight until now is because they have been busy behind the scenes executing a comprehensive vertical integration strategy. In other words that means they now control all essential stages of their production process, from movement design all the way through to final assembly. This is good news not only from a quality control perspective but also from a pricing point of view as it allows them to cut out unnecessary middlemen.

The MCT Watches S2 − S200 will be available in red gold with dark dial elements or white gold with light dial elements and will retail for around US$100,000 each without tax when they become available for sale later this year.

Stay tuned for live pictures of the new S2 collection in a couple of weeks from Baselworld and in the meantime be sure to check out the MCT Watches website for more details.

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