Ahh whiskey… The gentleman’s drink of choice. We’ve all seen him, that distinguished, silver haired man at the corner of the bar, drinking his whiskey neat. There’s something very attractive about it, or maybe it’s just me imagining that glass of whiskey transforming me into Don Draper himself. Whether or not that’s true, whiskey remains the drink of choice for many, including myself. As far as selection is concerned, the options are endless. Whether you’re after a well balanced premium blend, or a flavoursome single malt, old world or new world whiskey, there truly is something for everyone. But today, I’m here to tell you why one particular whiskey brand stands out for me personally, and the best part is…it’s Irish!

Kinahan’s L.L. Whiskey was founded by Daniel Kinahan in 1779 on 12 Trinity Street in Dublin, Ireland. Kinahan’s L.L. began its journey as an innovative start-up whose primary focus has always been on creating bolder, more complex flavours through continuous experimentation with maturation methods and cask varieties. Although Kinahan’s L.L. had already developed a name for themselves, it wasn’t till 1807 that they received their true acclaim. The “L.L.” in the trademark stands for “Lord Lieutenant’s whiskey”. This mark arose when Charles Lennox, the Duke of Richmond and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland fell in love with Kinahan’s Whiskey and gave instructions that a vat of maturing Kinahan’s stock should be set apart for himself with the letters “L.L.” painted on each cask. Today, this mark still adorns each and every bottle. Considering that I am a customer of Kinahan’s L.L. myself, I can safely say that the Lord Lieutenant had impeccable taste.

Kinahan’s L.L. Irish Whiskey

Kinahan’s L.L. has quite the history of receiving acclaim, but the most impressive is the fact that it’s the only Irish whiskey to have ever received Royal Warrants of Appointment. In 1845 and 1886, Kinahan’s L.L. was given this high honour by Queen Victoria, and then again in 1901 by King Edward VII. Kinahan’s L.L. is currently working diligently with the aim of securing this high honour once again.

Kinahan’s L.L. Irish Whiskey

Kinahan’s L.L. has a wonderful reputation of being promoted by the best in the business. In the mid-19th century, Kinahan’s L.L. caught the attention of then famous bartender Jerry Thomas. Thomas, dubbed “the father of American mixology” came to fame due to his creativity and showmanship as a bartender. He published his bartenders “Guide on How to Mix Drinks” and for his recipe for hot Irish whiskey recommended the use of Kinahan’s L.L. over any other whiskey.

Since 1779, Kinahan’s L.L. has taken pride in their strict focus on experimentation in the art of maturation and blending which allows for much bolder flavours and more complex character. Today, Kinahan’s L.L. is exploring new frontiers of what whiskey can be. This definitely isn’t your granddads cabinet whiskey anymore. Whether you’re the true whiskey connoisseur or simply just appreciate a taste every now and then, I highly recommend you give Kinahan’s L.L. a try.

For those of you that enjoy an approachable yet still a very complex sipping or mixing drink, I recommend Kinahan’s L.L. Small Batch Irish Whiskey which is matured for at least 6 years in hand selected oak casks. For those of you that prefer something more occasional with a serious gravitas and a long finish, I recommend my personal favourite, Kinahan’s L.L. 10-Year Single Malt Whiskey, which happens to be matured in American oak ex-Bourbon barrels. Unlike many other whiskey makers, Kinahan’s LL bottles its whiskey at 46% abv, which brings out a lot more flavour and character in the whiskey and a completely different experience.

Kinahan’s L.L. Irish Whiskey

There you have it, now put on your suit and get your hands on a glass of Kinahan’s LL Whiskey. Don Draper would be proud…

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