Meet the new LM2 Titanium from MB&F, due to be officially unveiled at Baselworld 2017. The world’s largest annual watch and jewellery fair is set to kick of next month and so brands are already previewing some of the models that will be making their debuts. Given the amount of noise being generated it’s important to do something to stand out from the crowd and with the LM2 Titanium, MB&F has done exactly that. I mean just look at that dial! Read on to get all the details.

MB&F is a brand that needs no introduction (at least not on this site). The creative lab helmed by Max Büsser and his legion of friends has producing incredible pieces of wearable kinetic art for over a decade now. In what some might say is a happy coincidence these miniature sculptures for your wrist also happen to tell the time. Beloved by a special sub-set of collectors the world over, these horological machines are not exactly what you would call ‘mainstream’.

MB&F LM2 Titanium

A few years back now however MB&F challenged itself to reinterpret traditional watchmaking in a modern say setting, whilst staying very true to its own unique design ethos. The result was the Legacy Machine collection offered in somewhat more familiar round cases. The watches themselves however were anything but familiar. Certainly they were tame compared to MB&F’s other more outlandish horological machines but they still incorporated the sculpture and kinetic elements the brand is much loved and praised for.

Launched in 2013 the LM2 was the second model in the Legacy Machine series and features dual balance flying wheels. It has since appeared in red gold, white gold and platinum and now, to complete the set, the LM2 will soon be available in titanium. And it is gorgeous to say the least.

MB&F LM2 Titanium

Presented in a 44mm, grade 5 titanium case, the final LM2 will be a full 1mm thinner than its elder siblings at 19mm thickness. The real highlight though of course is the stunning bluish-green dial. Die-hard fans will recognise the colour from the popular LM1 M.A.D. Dubai. That’s because the same CVD (chemical vapour deposition) technique was used for both dials. Green dials are particularly challenging to do well but with the LM2 Titanium MB&F has once again pulled something pretty special that will definitely stand out on any wrist.

A few other changes also make this limited edition LM2 Titanium just that little bit different from its predecessors. For example the dual “flying” balance wheels are now secured by rounded bridges that have been polished to a mirror finish as has the bezel, as opposed to the previous models which featured bezels with brushed finish. What hasn’t changed however is the incredible dual regulator movement inside, created for for MB&F by award-winning watchmakers Jean-François Mojon and Kari Voutilainen. This clever design features two fully independent balance wheels and escapements, each beating at its own rate, and a planetary differential which continuously averages out the two rates to drive the hours and minutes.

MB&F LM2 Titanium

The only downside to the new LM2 Titanium is its extremely limited production numbers. Only 18 pieces in total will be produced and you can be sure they will sell to enthusiastic collectors quickly. We will be getting hands on with the LM2 Titanium at Baselworld next month so you might want to consider waiting until then before making your decision to pull the trigger but you will definitely run the risk of missing out if you do.

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