There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the launch of the new Sequential 2 S200 timepiece by MCT Watches, and with good reason, it’s gorgeous.

The Sequential 2 S200

I should probably start by saying I’m a big fan of the original Sequential 1. I really like the distinctive square-shaped case and the highly original design of the dial. That being said, I love the new Sequential 2 S200. The design feels fresh and modern and even at 44.6mm it sits comfortably on the wrist.

Revolution vs. Evolution

Amid all the excitement though the question that seemed to come up more often than any other is whether the Sequential 2 S200 is a revolutionary timepiece for the brand, or simply an evolutionary one. Personally I believe the answer is it’s a mix of both. Allow me to explain.

MCT Watches Sequential 2 S200

Aesthetically there is no denying that the new Sequential 2 S200 looks in many ways similar to the original Sequential 1, with a few notable changes of course. For a start the new model is presented in a round case, whereas the original was a square case. Both have their merits and both look and feel great on the wrist.

Secondly, the minute ring has been moved to the outside of the dial, making the dial more intuitive to read than the original (in my opinion anyway.) Finally, the proportions of the case construction have also been revised, allowing more light in and giving the watch a slightly more modern feel.

MCT Watches Sequential 2 S200

(NB: the above is a fairly brief summary so I would encourage you to read my original article here if you’d like more details about the design specifics.)

Ok, so far we’ve made a pretty good case for the evolution argument. To be fair though, I think most of the above, in some form or another, was more or less expected.

After all, it’s logical that the new owners of MCT Watches would want to maintain the DNA of their brand in the Sequential 2 S200. However, what we are overlooking is the fact that these changes were all made for a reason, and we’re not just talking simple aesthetics here.

MCT Watches Sequential 2 S200

Laying The Foundation

Building a collection, like building a house, is a process. First it is important to lay the correct foundation, which will give you a basis to build on in the future. If you simply start building individual rooms without a foundation there is nothing to connect them, no common thread. Similarly, you cannot build the second level of a house until you have built the first.

Ok, enough with the house analogies but you get the point. For the new Sequential 2 S200 the foundation is not the updated case or dial design, rather it is the new automatic movement that has been developed in-house. This is the building block for the future and whilst it does not look like a revolutionary change for the brand just yet, I believe the ensuing years will show that this was the original step that forever altered the path of MCT Watches.

MCT Watches Sequential 2 S200

The Sequential 2 S200 will be available in red gold with dark dial elements or white gold with light dial elements and will retail for around US$100,000 each without tax when they become available for sale later this year.

The Final Word

Now that it’s successfully built its foundation I believe there will be very exciting things to come from MCT Watches in the next few years, and I have to say the new Sequential 2 S200 is not a bad place at all to be starting from.

Check out more over at the MCT Watches website.

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