Whether you’re an ocean faring sailor, lover of all things nautical, or a land lubber like myself, feeling more at home on stable ground, the all new Louis Vuitton Cruise Watch Collection will be sure to excite!

The Louis Vuitton Cruise Watch Collection

Many of my friends, and arguably most fashion loving women, are first attracted to the overall look of a piece, whether it’s drizzled with diamonds, or encased in gold. Brand names carry great sway in winning over the female populace, with a fashion powerhouse like Louis Vuitton often able to quickly garner interest- sometimes even in spite of the aesthetics of a piece!

Men, on the other hand, I have often found will seek to understand the craftsmanship of a timepiece and the elegance of the movement, before making any quick judgments on the overall look or branding.

Here, Louis Vuitton, in launching the 2015 Cruise Collection goes some way to achieving both aims. The beautifully adorned dial has the craftsmanship and Métier d’art technique to back up the pretty finish, and thus can attain broad appeal both from the artisan and the unbashful diamond collector.

Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection

Each gorgeous piece involves the hand painting of the pattern on the dial, resulting in the ultimate artistic finish, taking approximately 30 hours for the completion of each painting on the fabric pattern.

Yet, the real sense of beauty for most women will come from seeing the array of diamonds which then entirely blankets the rest of the dial. Each diamond is hand selected to accord with diameter and quality requirements, resulting in the snow effect and unmistakable sparkle which will complement any outfit!

Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection

The alligator strap which completes this piece can be selected in the coordinating color to complement the dial of choice, available in pink, turquoise or red. The pink and red options are high shine, while the turquoise is presented in a matte finish. These are all good cruising colors, especially in the summer months when colourful accessories are more in demand to complement bright outfits and laissez-faire shoes.

So, whether you’re planning your next cruise to be a luxury trip or voyage of discovery, it’s clear that the whimsical color, beautifully crafted dial, and array of diamonds will be sure to please as a present for a loved one, or as a personal shopping gem.

Jenifer Varzaly
Jenifer Varzaly
Jenifer is a luxury watch lover who brings a much needed lady's perspective to The Watch Lounge. Read her for advice on what women's watches to buy and just as importantly what to wear them with!

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