Another wide variety of topics being discussed in the watch world last week, here are 5 stories we found particularly interesting.

Tag Heuer Carrera CH80 Postponed

Tag Heuer Carrera CH80

The rumor mills have kicked into overdrive ever since Tag Heuer announced last week that the production of its newly announced (and highly anticipated) Carrera CH80 will be postponed indefinitely. After a reasonably lacklustre showing at Baselworld this year, the new CH80 movement was considered the brand’s main highlight for 2014, making this latest announcement all the more disappointing.

Brice Goulard over at Monochrome Watches has got some pretty interesting theories about why this decision has been made and so I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you have a chance.

Omega Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon”

Omega Dark Side of the Moon

Despite being officially unveiled in 2013, the popularity of the Omega Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” edition is showing no signs of waning. It certainly doesn’t hurt also that the watch is still getting plenty of coverage online. For example the great guys over at Professional Watches recently published one of the most detailed reviews of this dark beauty I have seen to date, complete with some really great pictures. You may think you’ve seen it all already but I wouldn’t be surprised if you learn something new from this comprehensive break-down, I certainly did.

You can read the review in full here on Professional Watches.

3D Printing, What Is It Really?

3D Printing

It seems everywhere you look now people are talking about 3D printing and its possible applications in all manner of industries. Watchmaking is not immune to this trend and if anything it seems may stand to benefit quite a lot from this technology in the long run. Still, as often is the case with these kinds of things, it’s sometimes difficult to determine fact from fiction. Enter Joshua Munchow, Quill & Pad’s resident ‘watch geek’. In his usual insightful style Joshua fills us in on just about everything we wanted to know about 3D printing but were too scared to ask.

Check out the full article here on Quill & Pad (be warned though, it is an intense read!)

Blancpain Villeret Quantieme Perpetuel 8 Jours

Blancpain Perpetual Calendar

I don’t know about you but I love me a good Perpetual Calendar. There’s just something so practical about this complication, especially when it looks as attractive as the new Blancpain Villeret Quantieme Perpetuel 8 Jours. Officially introduced earlier this year at Baselworld, the team over at ABlogToWatch give us a great hands on look at this traditional yet modern-looking timepiece, which, according to ABlogToWatch Editor-in-Chief Ariel Adams, is pretty “baller.” No arguments here.

See the full review here on ABlogToWatch.

Christie’s Important Watches Auction Preview

Lot 178 – Patek Philippe Ref 5070 Circa. 2005

As you may or may not know already, there are some pretty major watch auctions happening here in New York this coming week. Of particular interest (as usual) will be the Christie’s and Sotheby’s events. Given the immense number of watches on offer (there are nearly 400 lots at Christie’s alone) we asked Reginald Brack (Christie’s SVP, International Head of Retail, Watches) to pick 5 of his favorite watches for us to share with you. His selection may surprise you, especially given that the watches he chose are not expected to achieve the highest estimates at auction, however they are definitely worth checking out, especially for those looking for a hidden gem or two.

You can see the full list here.

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