With a politically charged, 88th Academy Awards behind us, we can’t help but wonder what would it be like to have an Oscar ceremony for pens? I know, it sounds a little strange but we just really love pens. Come on, aren’t you even just a little bit curious to know who winners would be and why? Thought so. Well, read on to find out.

Best Pen: Dunhill Fighter

Dunhill Fighter

Against the Hollywood tradition where the heavily favoured contenders usually get the big prize, we’ve opted for a surprise.  Basking in the golden light of the (Pen) Oscars is the Alfred Dunhill Fighter. The pen wins because of its unmatched balance in terms of handsome looks, pedigree and pure style.

Best Men’s pen in a Leading Role: ST Dupont James Bond Spectre

ST dupont Spectre

After one great Brit (Alfred Dunhill) it is time for another, this time in the shape of the James Bond Spectre. Daniel Craig didn’t get an Oscar and wasn’t even nominated for that matter, but at least his alter ego Bond, ST Dupont James Bond takes the statue home.

Best Ladies Pen in a Leading Role: Chopard Happy Diamonds

Choppard Happy Diamonds

The associations between ladies, happiness and diamonds is rather predictable. Probably the fine work of the marketing department. The manufacturing department however has delivered a feminine and elegant writing instrument.

Best Production Design: Montblanc M

Montblanc M

This was one pen that was hotly tipped as a ‘game changer’ on the pen scene and a possible winner of the Best Pen in our list. But after all the hype of having an outside designer, Mark Newson, do a pen for Montblanc for the first time in 100 years, the pen failed to rise to expectations. However with an original shape and cool magnetic system for the cap closing the pen bags the Award for Best Production Design.

Best Finish (aka Award for Make up and Hair Styling)

Visconti Millionaire

Marble is not quite the best of materials for pens for obvious reasons – drop it and it’s gone. However, the beauty of the material has convinced Visconti that it’s worth the challenge. And if you’re worried you might drop it, Visconti has got you covered with a free international insurance even when it’s your fault (who else’s would it be?).

Best Original Screenplay

Montegrappa Grappa

Take the Monte out of Montegrappa and you get the Grappa. Which happens to be a rather fragrant and joyous alcoholic drink from northern Italy but also an original Limited Edition from Montegrappa. This steampunk pen takes home our award for the most original pen this year.

Best Visual Effects: Styljoux Le Calibre

Styljoux Le-Calibre

Ok, I get the point. Having my own pen (yes, it’s my own brand:) on the list is not fair game and would send Chris Rock in a fit of rage.

Best Costume Design

Edelberg Skull

With a good dash of sense of humour Edelberg has presented this Limited Edition called’ To Be or Not To Be’. Also known as the ‘skull’ pen. The sporty carbon fibre finish adds a note of sophistication.

Best Animated Feature

Richard Mille RMS05

You’ve got to love Richard Mille. The man’s a horological genius but also a master of drama. With a price tag of $105,000, over-the-top looks and mechanism, the RMS05 is sure to make a splash.

Best Director: Richard Mille

Richard Mille

For his mastery of the art of suspense and surprise.

Best Documentary: Caran d’Ache Spirit of Switzerland

CARAN DACHE Spirit of Switzerland

Precision and punctuality, fine watchmaking, alpine trains, happy cows grazing on serene pastures, gentle looking Saint Bernards with little barrels full of brandy hanging from their necks, picturesque chalets, cheese with little holes in it and so on. Stereotypes they may be, but the Swiss people tend to be rather fond of these images.


St Dupont Star Wars

The Leonardo di Caprio Award (not the ‘finally got it’ award but ‘the most talked about’ award): The ST Dupont Star Wars. The sheer gutsiness and playfulness of this creation has been the talk of the year.

Iunal Giumali
Iunal Giumali
Iunal Giumali is the founder and editor of the very successful pen blog and owner of The Pen Gallery. His blog is considered one of the top resources for writing instruments news and reviews on the net. With a writing style that is original and engaging his main goal is to share his passion and unfold the mysteries of mechanical luxuries.

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