Roland Iten is the most impressive (and excessive) belt maker on the planet, period. Don’t believe me? I give you the Calibre R822 Predator.

Calibre R822 Predator

Officially unveiled to the world at the end of 2014, the Calibre R822 Predator really is unlike anything we’ve seen from the brand before. It’s almost like the underlying ideas was to create a new model that says; “hey, if you thought what we’ve shown you before was over-the-top, wait till you see this!”

At the basic level the Calibre R822 Predator encapsulates everything we’ve come to know and love from Roland Iten; mechanical superiority, flawless design, creative flair, the list goes on. There is however one quite distinctive difference which I am sure you have already spotted. That’s right, it is literally covered in diamonds. 387 VVS1+ quality baguette-cut and round-cut diamonds to be exact, totalling a breath-taking 14.15 carats.

Roland Iten Calibre R822 Predator

It’s outrageous, bordering on crass even and yet I cannot look away from the mesmerizing sight. I almost don’t want to admit it but the truth is I really want this belt buckle. In large part this because I know just how much work goes into the design and manufacture of each Roland Iten product.

Those familiar with the brand will know that the level of quality and finishing are on par with that of any high-end Swiss watch, as is the mechanical functionality. In fact, according to the brand the Calibre R822 Predator boasts not one but four complications: quick and simple changes of the leather strap; effortless engagement of the buckle with the leather strap; one-handed operation of the buckle to tighten the leather strap; and one-handed operation of the buckle to loosen the leather strap.

Roland Iten Calibre R822 Predator

Achieving that level of functionality requires 167 individual components, all of which are crafted from 18-karat white gold (with some red gold highlights for a bit of contrast) and titanium. What I find most impressive however is the fact that the Calibre R822 Predator has been designed, manufactured and assembled to ensure that all mechanisms are self-cleaning with no lubrication required. That includes the 12 rows of 8 track wheels which allow for precise guidance of the ardillion slide. Truly this is a thing of beauty.

Of course with a limited production run of just 3 pieces and a price tag of CHF 450,000 don’t expect to see one at your local Country Club anytime soon.

Roland Iten Calibre R822 Predator

For more information please visit the official Roland Iten website here.

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